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Considering offering teleseminars or Q&A calls for your business?  Check out where you can get a free conference line.  It includes a recording of your call so you can download and save it.  You can send it to people who weren’t able to make the call, or convert it to mp3 and upload it to your site.

Not using teleseminars, Q&A calls, or anything similar yet?  Here are some ideas you might consider:

  • Offer a free or low-cost call on a topic you’re an expert in, then take that recording and have it transcribed and package the transcript and mp3 file into a product to sell on your website.
  • Do a monthly Q&A time, start with a quick overview of what you offer, then let customers ask you any questions they’d like to about your products.  Sort of like an “open house” for your online business.
  • Put together a short teleclass about your products or a service you specialize it, offer it live, and then add the recording to your website as a bonus when visitors sign up for your newsletter.
  • Get in touch with an “expert” and interview them on a topic that would be helpful to your customers.
  • Have someone else interview you on a topic that would be helpful to your customers.
  • Create a mastermind group with some of your fellow business owners or colleagues and meet on a conference line monthly to encourage and support each other, share your goals, and keep each other accountable.
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