Do Vision Boards Really Work?

When I was in 4th grade I got my hair cut in a short bob.  By 6th grade my hair cut required the stylist using clippers it was so short on the sides and back.  So when I decided to grow out my hair, it wasn’t a one month kind of goal.

A few years later my hair was waist length.  It’s not a gigantic goal, but it is more impressive when you know that I worked as an espresso barista at a hair salon during this time period.  Every day the talented stylists would give women gorgeous haircuts.  And there I was… watching it all… wavering… LOL

How’d I keep myself from sitting down in that chair and walking out with short hair again?  I cut a photo out of a magazine and taped it up by my mirror where I’d see it several times a day (especially before I left for work).  It was a photo of a girl with very long hair.  Being reminded of my goal was what kept me from giving up.

Might seem like a bit of a silly comparison, but that’s how I know it works!  Maybe I’ll share mine on my blog soon… in the meantime, here’s a cool video you may enjoy.  And if you don’t have a vision board yet, I encourage you to create one!

Do you have a vision board? Has it helped you? Please share any thoughts or comments below.

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  1. Hi,
    I own a vision board to visionlize where and what i want in my life and business. I must say is very helpful. It keeps you focused on what you want to achieve.
    I recommend it for everyone.

    Pamela recently posted… Creating Your own Dream CircleMy Profile

    1. Thanks, Pamela. It’s a great tool for focus.

  2. Yet another thing for me to learn. What’s a vision board?

    1. Amy, here’s a blog post that explains what they are and the different types:

  3. I keep thinking I will make one, but never seem to get around to it. I do, however, do a goal list…which…I usually promptly misplace……Maybe it would be harder to LOSE a vision board! Guess I need to give it a try! ;-)

    Cat recently posted… Day 18: Store Brand versus The Good Stuff – Challenge 2My Profile

    1. Good idea. Bigger things are harder to lose. (Well, in theory anyway!) :)

  4. Well, sometimes I tried a HUGE vision board, but it did’t work exactly as planned. Then I switch to “Audio visualization exercises”, and they are working fine by now. (I will tell you in December if I reach all the goals or not).

    I record my goals, with a vivid description of them, with some important music to companion. Then, with a lower volume, I add some positive affirmations, as sugested by John Asskorf “The Answer” Book.

    An alternative for the non-visual persons!

    Gonzalo J. Suárez recently posted… End of “Fascination” series.My Profile

    1. Great idea! Thanks, Gonzalo.

  5. Michelle ~

    I believe the key to success with a vision board is make certain you have a genuine desire and willingness to achieve the goals your vision board depicts.

    I created a beautiful vision board some years ago when I first came online but it was a “dud”. The reason it didn’t help me is that I was focusing on an internet marketing niche that was totally WRONG for me. After a couple of years, I finally tossed it out when I realized I wasn’t following my passion.

    Your post (love the video!) has encouraged me to re-think the benefits of creating a vision board.

    Melanie Kissell recently posted… Why Single Moms Make Great EntrepreneursMy Profile

    1. Thanks, Melanie, that’s an important point. It definitely doesn’t work if it’s not in line with what we truly want to achieve.

  6. Jack Canfield has a fabulous vision board with all the things to create your own individualized one. Really nice.

    1. Got a link? I’d love to know more about it. There’s a guy who *definitely* knows how to make it work. :)

  7. Creating a Vision Board will help you conceptualize your goals and serves as a source of motivation as you work towards achieving your dreams.
    Jakes Pietro recently posted… Law of Attraction and Relationships: From A to ZMy Profile

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