Does Blogging Really Work? [Infographic]

If you’re wondering whether blogging really works to attract more traffic to your website, increase the number of leads you get, and influence purchase decisions, check out this infographic:

Benefits of Blogging

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.




What’s your experience been? Are you blogging and seeing any of these benefits yet? What goals do you have for your blog?

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  1. Hi Michelle,

    Great looking infographic with value inside. The most practical things I’ve been seen from manage a blog consistently is having organic traffic. If we put more effort in creating informative, unique and valuable content chances are many of our contents get indexed by search engine for various keywords. That’s only one benefits of many.

    My blog purpose are to create community and build trusted sources in the niche that will help people solve their particular problem. One of my best recommendation to online store owners (which is one of my loyal readers) is to include blog into their e-commerce websites. It give more chances to attract targeted visitors from search engine. As bloggers I have a chance to offer content to him that is SEO friendly according to his website topic. It’s all happen because he is part of my community.

    Thanks for this post.
    Okto recently posted… What Should I do to Attract More Backlinks to My Blog?My Profile

  2. This is great info! While there are a few people out there who can get thousands of sign-ups and followers with just 2 or 3 posts, for most of us it takes more blogs to drive more traffic. With all the great info you’ve given me, I am now able to start any new blog and get at least 6,000 unique visitors within the first 3 weeks or so. That’s a far cry from the first blog I ever started, where after 7 months I was getting almost 550 hits a month. :-)
    Amethyst Mahoney recently posted… The Top 3 Energy Sinks for Introverted Biz Owners (and how to deal with them)My Profile

  3. I had no idea that blogs had that big affect on people’s purchasing decisions and I’m glad to know that 94% of articles with images get more views.

    As always, as Amethyst said, great info.
    Debra Jason recently posted… The Miracle of Social Media & Boulder’s 100-Year FloodMy Profile

    1. Oops! Meant to say “effect” not “affect”
      Debra Jason recently posted… The Miracle of Social Media & Boulder’s 100-Year FloodMy Profile

  4. No doubt that blogging helps a business in marketing and online publicity. That’s why more and more business aside from putting up their blog also invests in advertising with partner blogs.
    Semidoppel recently posted… On Real Men and Reel MenMy Profile

  5. Let’s put it this way. If you are in sales, blogging is one of the best means to increasing your customer base by providing them your expert advice on your products. I can’t understand why some folks don’t blog. I am all in when it comes to blogging.
    Ocha Nix recently posted… Do You Have the X Factor In Your Online BusinessMy Profile

  6. Interesting post Michelle. This sure does offer us bloggers more hope :-)
    Neil Butterfield recently posted… Zinc & Selenium: Boost The Thyroid With Zinc & SeleniumMy Profile

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