3 Steps to a Networking Pitch that Inspires People to Work with You

hellomynameis The elevator speech… the networking pitch… “Hi, I’m Susie and I sell coaching…”

You probably hate giving that little speech (and frankly, others aren’t crazy about hearing it), right?

It’s a quick fix to go from a boring, bland, blend into the wallpaper 30 second sales pitch, to something that engages the right people so they ask “how can I hire you?!” and want to share you with their friends and connections, too.

Here’s the process…

Step One: Get your basics figured out…

First, start with these five questions:

  • Who Am I?
  • What Do I Do?
  • How Do I Do It?
  • Why Do I Do It?
  • Who Do I Do It For?

Step Two: Identify what makes you unique…

And then, create a list of ten interesting/unique/cool things about you by asking yourself these three questions:

  • What results have I achieved?
  • What’s unique/special/interesting about me?
  • What do clients/friends say in feedback?

Step Three: Next, fill in this simple template…

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 8.37.15 AM

And that’s it!  Now you’ve got an interesting introduction to lead with when someone asks “what do you do?” or when you find yourself with an opportunity to share.

Write your “pitch” or “elevator speech” from this angle and you’ll find not only do more people want to work with you, but they’ll understand what it is that you do and want to help refer people to you, too!

Click here to download this simple process
as a printable PDF worksheet, free.

Share your pitch in the comments?

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