Forget the Challenging Economy – Make Money Doing What You Love

Feeling anxious about how to keep your small business afloat and supporting you during this tough economy? Join me this Monday at 1pm Eastern as I interview Shauna Harper, Your Abundance Business Coach, on The Personal Economy of Abundance.  Learn how you can do what you love and make money doing it despite today’s economic times!

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On this call she’ll be sharing answers to these questions:

  • Why do some people struggle to make money doing what they love?
  • How can a Personal Economy of  Abundance to pull us through these economic times?
  • What is holding people back reaching the goals they have set out?
  • What action steps we can take today to start doing what we are passionate about?
  • … and explaining how money shows up when we are aligned with what we are meant to do in life!

Ready to listen in?  It’s available online Monday at 1 PM Eastern (and for 24 hours afterwards) only at

If you can’t get to a computer you can also listen by phone: (701) 552-9206
Pin/ConferenceID: 227371#

I also encourage you to connect with Shauna for her other free teleclasses – click here!

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  1. RT @SmallBizMuse Forget the Challenging Economy – Make Money Doing What You Love

  2. Biz Moms, this one is for you! Forget the Challenging Economy – What is your PERSONAL Economy?

  3. Forget the Challenging Economy- Make Money Doing What you Love in Any Economy

  4. Thanks for sharing this, Michelle! I am in a tough decision process right now with several things and this just helped me start on the thought processes in the direction that I really want to go! Thank you! Thank you! I cannot wait for tomorrow to listen ;)


  5. RT @SmallBizMuse Forget the Challenging Economy – Make Money Doing What You Love

  6. Thanks Michelle ~ this couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m looking forward to listening in!

  7. I hope you found it helpful. You may also like the PDF download I posted with a few more details about the four steps. You can grab your copy here:

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