Get Back Your 76 Hours

Did you lose 76 hours this year?

I know, you and I are both cooler and smarter than the average person, but according to one survey, the average responder lost 76 hours looking for lost items in their office and on their computer. 

76 HOURS!?


Sounds crazy but if you think about it, that’s just under 13 minutes a day.

When’s the last time you…

  • Misplaced an email or important file on your computer and had to search for it?
  • Spent time looking under your kids piles of stuff animals or the tent they built next to your desk for that checklist you printed off and needed?
  • Couldn’t quickly find the business card from a great connection that you know used to be right there on your desk?

13 minutes a day… yeah, that seems pretty believable to me…  I can think of much better things to spend my 76 hours on.  How about you?

Organization is something I have to work at.  It doesn’t come so naturally to me but I’ve realized that I get SO much more done with a clean desk — even if it’s just so that I have the space to lay out my writing paper, books, and be messy while I study or create…

When Lisa Kanarek of shared with me that her new book was out, I jumped at the chance to review it because I love her blog (lots of great home office tips, and have you checked out her home office photos page?) and I’m betting many of you struggle with organization, too, so this could be very helpful.

Just the thought of losing 76 hours is enough to make me want to get better organized.  But think about the additional time we could save on top of that by knowing the little expert tricks like:

  • how to setup an easier to use filing system
  • create a more comfortable, workable office space
  • minimize distractions in my office and juggle working at home a little better

Gotta say one of the things I loved about this ebook is that Lisa gave me permission to not go after perfection and said I can keep my junk drawer (in my case it’s a junk container under my desk).  Organize Your Home Office for Success has different strategies for different styles so you can pick out what will work for YOU.

If you’re a “Mr. or Ms. Organized” you’ll find ideas to build on that and streamline your systems.  You probably love reading about organization and will enjoy the photos in this book… (I’m guessing here.)

If you’re a “Mr. or Ms. Doing-Okay-But-Today-I-Couldn’t-Find-My-Favorite-Pink-Pencil” you’ll like this, too, because it’ll help you get some systems in place to fix the little things that can improve.

And if you’re “Mr. or Ms. Forget-Organizing-the-Desk-I’ve-Lost-My-Brain!”… well, skip the rest of what I’ve written here and just go click the buy link…

I’ve never worked in the corporate world so I couldn’t tell you what the inside of a cube looks like unless it really does look like TV sitcoms show it.  This also means when I set up my office I didn’t have a clue about laying my office out on a grid or ergonomics (and I’ve had tendonitis and carpal tunnel since I was 14, yes really and both officially diagnosed by an annoying helpful doctor).  But back to the book.  It covers this!

On page 60 I learned I am a bouncing ball.  Interesting.  Maybe you’re a teeter-totter or a lookout?  You’ll have to find out then share with me.  I’m curious.

Chapter 7 about setting up a filing system was the most helpful for me.  I’ve got one.  But it needed help.  It’s getting better now.

And if you liked Lisa’s guest post yesterday on my blog you will love Chapter 8 where it came from.  It’s all about time management and inching closer to that work/life balance thing.

You need to know this isn’t a short report — it’s 152 pages (yes, I read them all) packed FULL of strategies and practical tips to help you organize not just your overflowing piles of paper but to really create a space that’s effective AND beautiful so you can work in comfort.

Did I mention it’s only $7.99?

And if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go continue working on my office space while you go buy your copy of Lisa’s fabulous book.  Right here:  click here to start learning how to make your home office space peaceful and productive!

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  1. Initially 76 hours seem like a ridiculous amount of hours for anyone to lose. But after you break it down I’ve probably lost more than that just looking for things. The odd thing is that when I worked in corporate life I knew where everything was. I was the organized one who could find things even where to find a specific clause in a huge document. Somehow that changed when I started working from home…and it’s so frustrating!

    I find that these days I have to talk myself through things, somewhat similar to saying someone’s name two or three times when I meet someone new, say at a networking event. This way it registers in different places.

  2. 76 hours and 13 minutes in a day…. I think it’s very common problem with me. I sometimes start finding a bookmark which I saved few days ago, sometimes it’s really frustrating specially when you don’t have enough time to search it. So it’s always better to organize you things so that you can easily find them whenever you want. :)
    Aaron recently posted… Goa HolidayMy Profile

  3. Hi Michelle

    Mainly due to my visual impairment, i am always misplacing things and never able to find some things that I need. My wife (the boss) often knows where I have put things and she’ll let me know so I don’t have much of a problem there.

    Hope you’re having an awesome day

    Your friend across the pond

    David Verney recently posted… Ten Top Tips For Email MarketingMy Profile

  4. Hey Michelle,
    I think now a days people’s life is running in such a way that they are loosing more that 13 min a day for finding there lost stuffs,that’s why i think this great ebook called “Organize Your Home Office for Success” by Lisa is very much essential for everyone who is facing such a messy condition.Even i am also a victim i admit hehe :-) ,and yes for this great treasure $7.99 is not a big deal.I going to buy this right now.I am really curious to know about how can i organize my home office in a better way.

    Thank you for sharing about such a great and valuable ebook with us Michelle.

    Good Luck and God Bless!!
    With Regards!
    Samuel Joshua
    Samuel Joshua recently posted… Circuit Breaker WorkingMy Profile

  5. I have great retention for information- normally. But I am so absent-minded. I easily misplace money, pens, hair clips and various what-have-you’s. I have to make a tremendous effort not to forget where I put things. I probably lost more than 76 hours just looking for a piece of clothing I misplaced while dressing up for work. I am putting my foot down and will clean my room this weekend so I lessen the instances of me losing things.
    Reese recently posted… Credit Card Usage to Remain High Despite No Fees for Debit CardsMy Profile

  6. The pics on her website of the messy offices would drive me NUTS! I can’t function with things around me that I’m not working on at that particular time. They are such a distraction to me.
    Rhonda Neely recently posted… This is tearing couples apart…I say Bull!My Profile

  7. Whaattt? 76 hours per year? I can’t believe that I lost so much time and may this beautiful post serve me a lesson. I search for many stuffs so frequently. I admit I often times forget details but this is no excuse for me. ;-) thanks for the info sister.. -Cris
    Cris recently posted… Viel hilft immer viel! Tipp12My Profile

  8. Thanks for the awesome review, Michelle! I’m glad you included the part about not striving for perfection. I cringe when I hear “experts” tell others that their office has to look a certain way, no matter what. Someone who is struggling to organize his or her home office doesn’t need someone to make them feel worse about the mess. All it takes is to do one thing differently every day to make a difference in your home office.
    Lisa Kanarek recently posted… How Public Relations is Like DatingMy Profile

  9. Only 76 hours? It seems to me it’s much more… Especially since I start looking for A, I find B and sit down to fix something it needed fixing (with the newly found B), while fixing I figure I still need C, go get C, while looking for C… well, who’s recalls what I started to look for in the first place? :)
    Alicia recently posted… AngelsMy Profile

  10. I am quite sure I lose more time than that. One of the challenges that I face is that even when I get myself more organized to prevent such time wasting, I find it difficult to stick with it. I usually end up right back where I was before in a matter of months. That is the part that someone needs to teach me how to cure.
    Ted recently posted… Tips For New BloggersMy Profile

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