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I shared a few weeks ago how much I accomplished while I was away for the weekend at Attract Clients Like Crazy and how I got it done quickly. I thought I’d also share what works for me at home. If you’re familiar with me, you know that in addition to juggling a couple of businesses, I homeschool my three kids (K, 2nd, 4th) and take care of our home. I’ll admit though, a maid is on my list of things to check into soon. But really, I think being as busy as I am helps me to stay on track and not waste time (most days). Here are some tips for getting things done in “regular life” as opposed to a weekend away.

1. Schedule!

I’m generally up between 6 and 7am. This means I get my husband’s breakfast made, his lunch packed, and him off to work and then have several hours to focus on work before the kids are awake. Once they’re up, the day goes a bit crazier. So important things have to be done early. We spend the morning doing school work and part of the afternoon, depending on what’s on the lesson plan that day. In the afternoon I have time to squeeze in a bit of easy work, prep dinner, play with kids, etc. Normal evening schedule with dinner, playing with kids or whatever else is on our list of things to do. My kids have a regular bedtime and I get a few hours to clean the house and get some work done after they’re asleep. I try to get enough sleep to stay healthy (learned that after I landed myself in the ER a while back).

2. Plan.

I keep lists and plans. My weekly menu is on the fridge. My shopping list is also there and as soon as we run out of something it goes on the list. I plan to use the crock pot frequently, especially when I know a day will be busy. I choose home school curriculum that comes with the plans already laid out so it’s easy to “open and go” then just check off the boxes as we complete things. I’m a big fan of following things that work and not trying to re-invent the wheel.

My calendar stays on my desk and when I have specific projects or things that need done they go on the calendar. I keep an eye on what’s due and what’s coming up soon. I also use Basecamp online for client work and some of my own projects.

3. Have support.

For schooling we’re in a charter that I can call up or email a teacher when I need help. I have business friends that I know I can go to for support and accountability as well. Makes a world of difference to know that’s there if I need it.

4. Challenge yourself.

If you think it’ll take 30 minutes, set your timer for 15 and just see if you can get it done quicker. You might be surprised how often it works!

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