Hey Blogger, Have You Heard the Buzz?

Have you heard about "The Buzz Seminar"?
Have you heard about “The Buzz Seminar”?

Do you want to make a good living from your blog?

Build a business around that blog or launch your writing career?

Make an impact and build an audience you can share your message with?

Get your book published?

But They Succeeded Because…

Do you ever look at the “big” bloggers,  best-selling authors, and other folks with successful online businesses… and wonder how you can get there too, if you don’t have the connections or resources they do?

Let’s be honest.  It’s easy to get blog traffic or sell lots of books if you’re connected to the right people who will promote you.

What about YOU and ME?

So what about the rest of us?  Can we make a successful go of this?  Is it possible to build an audience based business that supports you?  A great blog or best selling book?

The answer is YES and here’s where to find out how.

You know that whole “famous” blogger with “connections” is not MY story, right?  I started without any connections to “stars” or “gurus”… in fact, I can pinpoint which blog post I wrote and published that got me noticed by one of them and turned into an offer to work as part of their team!

And around this blog I’ve built my own online business teaching workshops and trainings, and working with awesome clients.

I know that if I can do this, you can do it, too.  I can say that because I know where I started.  It takes work.  It takes commitment and dedication.  But amazing things ARE within your reach.

Over the last year or two I’ve had some fascinating conversations with Frank Viola, a blogger and best-selling author, about how to build an audience, drive traffic to a blog, and what’s possible for us as bloggers building businesses.

So, what if you’re “blue collar” and bootstrapping it with your writing like he and I have?

What if you’re not shooting to make millions online overnight?  (You know that’s a myth, right? I’m not sitting on a beach sipping a drink with an umbrella as I write this.)

You Want to Make a Great Living from Your Business

Can you do that with your blog, building an audience and platform of your own?  What are your options?

And that brings me to what I wanted to share with you.  I’ll be flying down to sunny Florida in July to speak alongside Frank at The Buzz Seminar and you’re invited.

For those of you who kept asking me when I’d come to the East Coast and speak, this is it!

You CAN make an income with your blog and build a real business around it.

This event may be a great fit for what you really need, so check it out.

Get on the list if you think you might be interested, or check out the event details and early bird registration special here.

What You Need to Know About the Hosts

Your Buzz hosts, Viola and Morrell, are not arm-chair philosophers. The lessons they will be teaching in the seminar have come out of hard-won experience. For example:

  • Frank Viola has written 9 books published by Thomas Nelson, Tyndale, David C. Cook, and Destiny Image. They have been published in many different languages including Spanish, German, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese, Romanian, Russian, and Dutch.
  • Five of Viola’s books have hit best-seller lists.
  • Viola was intentional about building his blog audience. As a result, today he is a professional blogger, earning his living by blogging.
  • Viola’s blog ranks in the top 10 of all Christian blogs on the Web.
  • Mike Morrell helped The Shack become a mega-best-seller (the book sold over 18 million copies). Mike’s name appears on the back of the book.
  • Morrell also helped A New Kind of Christianity and Crazy Love become NY Times Best-Sellers.
  • Morrell has helped many other authors promote their books via Speakeasy.
  • Morrell used his movement-building social media strategies to help grow events, including one he grew from just an idea to 1700 attendees its first year out.

You’ll also hear from David Hancock, the Founder of Morgan James Publishing and chairman of Guerrilla Marketing International. He has co-authored twelve books including Guerrilla Marketing for Writers, The Entrepreneurial Author, and Performance Driven Thinking.

NASDAQ cites David as one of the world’s most prestigious business leaders and is reported to be the future of publishing.  David will teach you how to land a book deal.

Get on the list if you think you might be interested, or check out the event details and early bird registration special here.

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  1. I agree with this:

    It’s easy to get blog traffic or sell lots of books if you’re connected to the right people who will promote you.

    I couldn’t agree more! :D That is reality, it is like having a backer to have a good position or work. Well, I guess the seminar will be great. Pretty sure many will join.

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing social site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.
    metz recently posted… Little Known Blog Commenting Trick For Huge Traffic & Networking!My Profile

  2. I won’t be on the east coast during your event, but am so thrilled that you’ll be presenting with my friend & colleague David Hancock. I can’t wait for you two to meet. What a great team you will all make – I’m sure it will be a power-packed event.
    Debra Jason recently posted… Writing Ad Copy You Believe InMy Profile

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