How I Accidentally Became a Kindle Author & You Can Get My Book Free


I got a total surprise a few weeks back and found out I’m sort of an “author” on Amazon. Whoa.

How the heck does that happen accidentally and by surprise, you might wonder?

I’ll share that in a minute, but first…

* If you’re getting ready for the July Ultimate Blog Challenge, this is perfect timing for you.

* If you’ve been neglecting your blog or haven’t started one yet, this will inspire you.

* If you’re blogging but don’t know what to write about or why you’re really doing it, here’s my answer, and it’s a heck of a lot more motivating than “because my coach says I should be” or “because I need traffic to my website.”

Kelly Galea of Corporate to Creative has a fun, inspiring radio show that she invited me on as a guest. We chatted about blogging and my perspective on how to make it work and WHY it’s worth the time. I shared some of my time saving tips, how to come up with ideas to write about and we had a great conversation.

She had the interview transcribed, and sent me a copy via snail mail with the sweetest thank you note (seriously, you want to be connected with this lady, she’s one of the good ones out there).

And then… in a brilliant flash of repurposing genius, she took the transcripts from her radio show and turned them into short Amazon Kindle ebooks. How cool is that?

Mine is called “Expressing You: Blogging as a Tool to Move Towards Your Life Purpose” and you can grab it totally free until 8pm EST tomorrow (Friday, June 21st, 2013).


She’s interviewed a myriad of fascinating and successful entrepreneurs and now you can get access to those interviews in easy to read format right on your Kindle, computer, tablet, or smart phone (plus some great free gifts from everyone involved).

Just go to the link below to pick your books, then scroll down to get your bonus gifts.

Click here now then click “Week One” at the top under the banner:

Here’s to Your Success, Fun, Freedom, and Creativity in Business & Blogging!

P.S. If you take a peek at mine and enjoy it or find it helpful, would you consider leaving me a review?

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  1. Michelle – You are amazing! It has been such a pleasure collaborating with you & I so appreciate your wonderful, warm words. Here’s to helping more business owners & professionals live an inspired & creative life!

    1. Love that, Kelly! Yes, to inspired & creative life!
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… How to Get the Support You Need in Life and BusinessMy Profile

  2. Happy to be in such good company on Kelly’s Creative in Biz Giveaway.!
    Debra Jason recently posted… Freelancers! Transform Your Frustration Into FreedomMy Profile

    1. She brought together an awesome crowd. So much fun. :)

  3. Oh that’s great! I’m with you – repurposing your content is a great way to leverage your efforts! Fun stuff! Just discovered your blog – looking forward to reading more great content about increasing blog traffic!
    Stacy Stevens recently posted… 5 Little Known Factors that Could Affect Your Network Marketing BusinessMy Profile

    1. It’s such a smart strategy. I had this weird block around putting anything on Amazon… but I suppose now I have no excuse. ;) Time to repurpose some of my own content. :)

      And do stick around, Stacy! :)

  4. I think turning a radio chat discussion into transcript for kindle ebook is absolutely brilliant. Too bad I don’t have kindle for now. All in all, congrats Michelle, looks like you are going to the top on what you are capable of!
    Okto recently posted… In or Out of Town? Where to Establish Your Start-Up BusinessMy Profile

    1. Hey Okto, check out the Amazon site because you can download a free program for your computer that lets you read Kindle books without a Kindle.

  5. This is great. I see people regularly hocking products to teach people how to become an Amazon Kindle author… and you “become” one without trying. Interesting reading here on your blog (I came here when I stumbled on your Alexa ranking post). Now…. to get prepared for the July Ultimate Blog Challenge!

    1. Welcome to the challenge! It’s a blast!

      And I’m sure some of those products are helpful, since I didn’t upload this I don’t know what the actual process was like or how complicated… I’ll give it a shot eventually. :)

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