How to Get a #1 Ranking in Google #infographic

Sometimes we forget the real idea behind search engines… their goal is simple: show the searcher content that’s most relevant to their search – the best of the best of what’s published on the big ‘ol internet.

Want the best SEO (search engine optimization) strategy in one sentence?

Create content readers love and optimize it to be the best you can make it.

Yep, it really can be boiled down to that.  If you focus on content your readers love, they’ll naturally share it, link to it, and it’ll move up in the ranks.  And if you optimize it to include the right elements, Google will love it, too.

Make it focused, simple, scannable, visual, generous and shareable.

  • Focused = Stay on topic and know the key phrases you’re writing about (what would your ideal reader search for to find your post?)
  • Simple = Keep your reading level lower than you think it should be (your readers brains are already working hard enough, make your writing easy to comprehend)
  • Scannable = Include sub-headings, and bulleted or numbered lists so it’s easy to scan and see what your content is about
  • Visual = Include images to illustrate and share
  • Generous = Link out to other useful resources and sites
  • Shareable = Add easy to use social media sharing buttons (I’ve seen best responses to a floating side bar)

Check out the research shared in this infographic about what the best ranking content has in common, then apply it to your own blog posts moving forward!

Which of these areas can you improve in your own blogging?  What do you see in common on the most popular blogs?  Leave a comment and let’s chat!

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  1. Michelle, all of these are very familiar to me now. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now. I like how they included better outreach. That is what I believe separates page view traffic from sustainable income earning traffic. What are your thoughts?
    SaraBeth recently posted… Can Do Mindset: 5 Steps to Inspired ActionMy Profile

  2. Hi Michelle,

    Valuable Information!

    Yes, Creating a content that both readers and google love is what’s needed for #1 ranking.

    Content should be structured well. People don’t like to read large block of texts, we should make 2-3 line text block.

    Proper attention should be given to visuals. Human brain remembers images easily, that’s why infographics are becoming more and more popular.

    Using floating share buttons is a nice idea as anyone who wants to share should be able to do it without any difficulty.

    I will tweet your post.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  3. Hello Michelle,

    Awesome tips over here :)

    We all want to rank better in the Google. Url and Content tittle is the first thing that other see. If the they are short and
    catchy, then we got a one shot to drive the traffic on to our post. I have been implementing these tips and tricks lately
    into my blogging skills and I have seen some advances results.

    Thanks for the share.


  4. Good post. I will share this to my social media account. Thanks for sharing the impressive post.

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  6. Awsome post, Thanks for sharing

  7. I really like your article because this article is very informative & well descriptive. keep continuing your writing.

  8. its very interesting and informative post.
    Thanks for sharing keep up the Good work

  9. Thanks a lot Michelle. Great stuff!
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