Is Your Website Flash and Fluff? Or Glitter and Bang?

EXV5HJ5XKRPP  Cute costume, but it’s still a dog, right? Not a faerie. It can’t fly. Dress it up however you want but it still says “Woof” (or in this case, maybe “Yip”).

Some websites are like this cute little puppy. They’re flashy and fancy–all dressed up on the outside. But on the inside, the content is just fluff.

Dressing up bad content doesn’t change it. A site with poor copy won’t sell well, even if it’s flashy. On the other hand I know of some very plain and simple websites that sell great because their content is good. What they’re offering (quality product or services) and the way they present it (good copywriting) is what really sells it.

Instead of flash and fluff, make your website glitter and bang. It’s okay to add fancy touches and make it look good! But make sure your content GRABS your reader with a bang and sells them on how fantastic you are and how good you are at what you do.

The good news?  It’s a simple fix!  Learn copywriting.  Or hire a good copywriter.  Just being aware of the problem is the first step to correcting it.

This is definitely one area I know I can improve in.  How about you?  Got any good resources or links for writing copy that’s got bang?  Share them in the comments!

P.S.  This idea inspired by Lisbeth Tanz – flashy site design doesn’t matter if your content stinks!  And if you need copywriting, or help with your content, check out her services.

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  2. Lis makes a really good point, Michelle, and your post backs it up beautifully!

    It’s one thing to land on a site with bells, whistles, glittery things pasted up everywhere, and pop-ups and pop-outs in your face with every tab you click. It’s another thing, entirely, to have all THAT going on AND crappy copy, to boot. :(

    You asked for a good copywriting resource and this one has earned my highest recommendation …

    One of the very BEST copywriters I’ve ever encountered or befriended online is Cathy Goodwin – she’s a pro at writing “edgy” copy. Cathy recommended this resource to me – thank God – and recommends it, relentlessly, to her list!:

    “Give Me Desperate Buyers Only” will forever remain on my hard drive.
    Melanie Kissell recently posted… Let The Small Biz Gift Unwrapping Begin!My Profile

    1. Thanks Melanie, I’ll check that out.

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