Make Your Life Easier–Learn These Simple Code Basics [Infographic]

Learning these simple HTML basics will make it much easier for you to control the way your blog posts, online articles, and other online content displays.

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  1. Thanks for the tips. I’m having trouble figuring out how to add an affiliate link to my Word Press blog. Do I need to use a plugin for that? Thanks.

  2. Hehe, this brings me back to the time when we were all coding in HMTL and troubleshooting tags not being closed properly and all that… Nice infographic, Michelle, thanks for sharing it!

    1. Oh I remember those days, Delia! Combing through code line by line by line…
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Make Your Life Easier–Learn These Simple Code Basics [Infographic]My Profile

  3. Thanks……I wanted to know about the block quote…..thanks for the info.

    1. That’s a handy one. Thanks for reading and commenting, Jrenne.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… How to Stick to Your Goals Like Glitter GlueMy Profile

  4. This is very useful! Think I’ll go and try some out! Thanks, Michelle!
    Amy recently posted… The New American Homesteaders: has the trend hit a peak?My Profile

    1. You’re welcome, Amy! Have fun testing them out.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Quick Guide to Legal Basics for Bloggers–You NEED to Know These 3 ThingsMy Profile

  5. I loved this infographic. It really will be useful for anyone manages their own website. Well done, Michelle! :)
    Jae-Alexander Linsey recently posted… Free WordPress Theme – Blue Skies Ahead 2013My Profile

    1. I can’t take credit for this (other than for sharing it). The EzineArticle team consistently creates great tools and guides.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… BlogMy Profile

  6. Thanks for sharing this, a really good infographics.
    Johan Bengtsson recently posted… Keto food, what to add to your shopping listMy Profile

    1. You’re welcome, thanks for reading and commenting, Johan.

  7. The inforgarphic is really interesting and attractive,
    I think this is really useful for people who is running their own website .
    Further more can help them easier to manage information and clarify ideas.
    Thanks for sharing your information.

    Stephan Wu
    Stephan recently posted… Tellus: Responsive OpenCart Theme For Bike StoreMy Profile

  8. This can be simple and useful resource for anyone who search for code basic in form of infographic. Great one Michelle
    Okto recently posted… The Best Advertising Ideas You Can Use in Order to Make Your Small Business WorkMy Profile

  9. Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for this infographic. Really looks informative. I learnt the basics of coding back when i was 12. It was really useful to help understanding how stuff works.
    Gautham Nekkanti recently posted… Download Angry Birds for PC (Windows 8/7/XP and Mac)My Profile

  10. Helpful infographic Michelle. I’m not even in Kindergarten when it comes to HTML; however, I’ve learned to switch from visual to text in WordPress for some simple HTML codes. For Example – I learned to upload an image to a page, switch to text, copy and paste the HTML code in a widget to add the image.

    I’m fascinated by HTML, and if I give in to my curiosity I’d spend hours trying to figure it out, but I know I should leave it to the experts.
    Adalia John recently posted… Confident Entrepreneurs Never Give UpMy Profile

  11. It’s a very nice infographic but I certainly would have made some changes. I’ve been a CIW certified web designer since 2003 and have taught web design at the high school and community college level. My current blog is all about designing with WordPress and the Thesis Theme.

    I would have added the paragraph tags and the break tags, since they are so universally used. I would have taken out the “” and “” tags because they are deprecated and should no longer be used at all. I personally Never use the underline tag because whenever people see an underline, they usually think it’s a link and try to click on it, to their own frustration. I did like the way the infographic explained the ordered and unordered list tags and showed everyone exactly what’s going on behind the scenes in a hypertext markup link!

    Overall, it was nice to see many of the basics all in one place in an easy to learn format.

    Thanks for sharing!


    Jupiter Jim
    Jupiter Jim recently posted… WordPress 3.6 is Here — Features and Installation Video.My Profile

  12. Michelle,

    please delete this post here and please go into my previous post and just put “b” and “i” tags i put the angle brackets in the examples and it messed up the code for my comment making my text bold when I did NOT want the text to be bold. I guess cause I didn’t close the ‘b’ tag because I was trying to use it as an example, not to bold my text.

    I hope this makes sense. Have a great Labor Day Weekend!
    Jupiter Jim recently posted… WordPress 3.6 is Here — Features and Installation Video.My Profile

  13. Great post for beginners. I use a lot of shortcuts these days (with WordPress), however, I’m not sure I ever got the HTML with anchor text or link text memorized. I’m sure if I had to rely on purely HTML it would all stick after time. If I didn’t have a buffet style full plate right now, I’d challenge myself to give the HTML some love.
    Melissa M. Miller recently posted… My Personal Trainer Horror StoryMy Profile

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