Making Sense of Article Marketing

You asked for more information about article marketing — what it is and how you can use it to build your business.  So I reached out to Corrie Petersen, owner of, ghostwriter, and asked her a few questions about the basics.

Interview with Corrie Petersen, Article Marketing Expert

1.  What is article marketing?
Article marketing is where you write articles related to your business and you share them with others through article directories, blogs, newsletters, or other means. You add a bio to the end of the article and this is how your readers know about the author and their business.

2.  Who can use article marketing to promote their businesses?

Anyone can use article marketing to promote their business. It doesn’t matter what your business is or who your market is you have the ability to use article marketing. It’s the perfect way to show others that you’re an expert in your business and that you’re the one they should use when they need what you offer.

3.  What topics make good articles?  How do you come up with ideas?

There is no such thing as a bad topic in my opinion. There is always something someone is looking for, so the type of articles you can write is unlimited. There are a number of different ways to come up with article ideas. It doesn’t mean that every idea will work for everyone, but they may just work. For me I search for topics that are of interest to my market. I use other article directories and blogs for ideas. I also think about my market and what they would be interested in reading or what would help them the most.

4.  For business owners who don’t enjoy writing are there ways they can market their business with articles without writing?

Oh yes definitely there are other ways to do this. If you don’t enjoy writing, don’t know how to write, or just don’t have the time you can hire a ghostwriter to help you make article marketing happen. A ghostwriter does the writing for you, but you get the article and the credit for it.

5.  Would you share some examples of articles from different small business owners?

I would be more than happy to do that. WAHM-Articles is full of wonderful authors. Here are some articles they have written.

Thanks so much for stopping by, Corrie!

You can find Corrie at, or on her virtual assistance and ghostwriting website at Virtual Freedom 4 You.

If you’d like to learn more about basic article marketing to build your business, check out “Establish Your Expertise with Articles.”

And thank you to the readers who requested this topic: Ofelia Reny Victoriano, Lisa Raymond, Namaste, Bani, and Rhonda Neely.

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  1. Corrie is so right about article marketing — and her site is precious!

    1. Yes, it’s one of my favorite directories. Love the focus. Thanks for commenting. :)

  2. Hi Corrie and Michelle,

    This topic is perfect for me as I am going to tackle article writing this month! I am curious though is that with the recent Google changes how do we leverage our blog posts to create content for article marketing and not be penalized for duplicate content. Also how many directories should we submit too?

    Yikes, more questions for you!

    Diana Simon recently posted… Inspiring Movie Quotes To Start The WeekMy Profile

    1. Hi Diana, I choose mine based on niche and traffic. I don’t do the whole “submit to 1,000 sites” kind of approach. :) I’ll write some more about this next week and see if I can help.

  3. Hi Michelle, Piggy-backing on Diana’s comment – I also have been a little unsure about how to leverage my own blog articles into article content and would love to read any thoughts you have about to effectively get one’s wet. (without getting penalized by google).
    Anne Preston recently posted… Are you Being AuthenticMy Profile

    1. Hi Anne, I’ll be happy to talk about that some more. Future blog post. :)

      1. Cool Michelle, I’ll be watchin

          1. Ah… in response i say this: and let’s see how that one sinks in! You are too fun Michelle. One of the reasons I love to learn from you.

  4. Article marketing has done many good things for my business.

    I have many articles ranked very high for specific keywords related to my biz as well as a huge number of backlinks to my sites because of the allowable links in the author bio.

    I’ve been writing articles since 2008 and haven’t slowed down yet!

    1. Awesome! I love to hear success stories like that, Jeff. If you’ve got time it’s be great to do a quick interview here and showcase your articles. I know it’s easier to “get” how it works when we can “see” how different entrepreneurs in different niches are getting results.

  5. Definitely, article marketing also allows you to increase your presence on the web. When, people stumble across you and your business at multiple occasions, the invisible sense of trust increases by a bit. But, if that article is not written cleverly, it can easily backfire and, people will look up to you and your business as one of those spammers.
    Great work Michelle, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Kevin Rudd

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