Q4: What’s 1 Thing You Wish You’d Known Sooner?

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Running your own business is a huge learning experience.  What’s one thing you wish you’d known sooner?

I could write a whole month of posts to answer this question, as I’m sure most of us could!

One thing I wish I’d realized sooner is that there’s a difference between “busy” and “productive” and how to find that line, stay on the right side of it, and pull myself back when I accidentally cross over to the “busy but not productive” side (*cough* twitter *cough*).

At I Heart My Biz, Sandra Martini gave us all the coolest little sticky notes that say:

My Top 3 High Payoff Activities Are…

With space to list out three things a day.

Talk about a way to make myself focus.  Wow.

So there’s one of my lessons I wish I’d learned earlier.  I haven’t mastered it, but the realization is a big part of the battle so I’m part way there.

Your turn!

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  2. I agree, Michelle – – there are many things! One that stands out is that I wish I had known the value of partnership and community much sooner. My theme for 2011 is “success together.” It’s like the idea of win-win and that Zig Ziglar quote that goes something like, “You succeed when you help enough other people succeed.” It’s so much better when we work together, rather than trying to do it all on our own.

    1. Awesome quote. So, so true! I’ve moved forward so much faster since I really started partnering with others. And it’s been more fun, too!

  3. LOL that’s why I’m not as active on social media!

    The one thing I wish I’d known sooner was to niche! The minute (or seems like it) I narrowed my niche, fabulous opportunities started coming my way. And at the end of the day, being intentional about time management was ALWAYS what I was passionate about helping people about anyway.

    1. There’s definitely a fine line with social media. Most days I balance it fine. Once in a while I get sucked in by Twitter, but it hasn’t happened as much recently. lol

      I love your niche!

  4. I was taught by a business mentor of mine that when you start a business, every insecurity, fear or doubt that you’ve ever had in yourself will come to the forefront…even ones you didn’t know you had! She said that “your business is the highest expression of yourself,” and despite her great success and impact, she talks of her doubts continuously coming up, but how she pushes through them anyway.

    As a woman who has always been confident, with that Katharine Hepburn sort of, “It never occurs to me to think that I can’t do anything I choose” take on life, I always minimized those words thinking, “Yeah, whatever! That will never apply to me.”

    Until…I started becoming an authority figure for people, praised by bigger industry players, was inadvertently receiving requests for speaking, articles, to finish my book so others could read it, etc…which all made my head swim and completely caught me off guard. The part of me that never liked the limelight nor had ever really been in it ran fast to duck for cover…and when I stopped cold and realized what was going on, I shook my head at myself…’cuz my mentor had known all along!

    Afraid of success? I don’t think that that was exactly it. Just unfamiliar and unprepared for the big changes that climbing the business ladder can bring – especially with our expansive and expeditious technology du jour! As a result, I do tend to listen even harder to those who have already walked the path that I’m traveling!!

    1. Smart, smart, smart. Listening to those who’ve been where we’re headed can really help us prepare for those big moments that hit us.

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