Right Now, I’m Scared. Are You?

Can I tell you a secret?  When you see this blog post published, I’m scared.  There.  I’ve admitted it.

When you get an email/ezine/promotional message from me in your inbox,  my mouse hovered over that “send” button longer than I’ll ever admit, worrying I might have a typo or broken link or someone might be upset with something I said.  And some of the time those fears come true.  I make mistakes.  But it hasn’t killed me.  I fix what I can and move on.

When my traffic numbers go up here on my blog, I’m scared.  I know those numbers represent real people.  And I realize what an amazing gift it is that you’ve taken time out of your day to read what I’m writing.  When you leave me comments, retweet my blog posts, and share me on Facebook…  You’ve placed enough trust in me to share my content and recommend it to others.  Thank you.  Know that I will continue striving to deliver something that’s worth your time to read, and worth sharing.

Some of these fears get easier each time you conquer them.  After 700+ blog posts, I don’t hesitate as long before hitting the publish button on my blog.  I even get downright excited about new posts.  The excitement helps push away the fear.

Sometimes the fear isn’t easy to push away.  I’ve jumped into a much more challenging mastermind group and coaching program, as well as enrolled in a couple of classes.  Feels a bit like willingly stepping off a cliff and trusting a parachute to open on the way down.  They’ll push me to play bigger.

I wanted to share this with you in case you’re moving forward while scared, too.  All I know for sure is that it’s okay to be scared… we find the strength to push through the fears.

*holding out my hand*  Take my hand and stick around.  We can take steps forward together.  Because you’ll know my secret.  I’m scared and doing it anyway.  And if I can do this, so can you.

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  1. You are truly inspiring MIchelle. Thank you for all you write and share with us. =)

    1. Oops that’s the wrong Twitter handle…sorry.

    2. Thanks, Sophia. I appreciate that. I figure I’m probably not the only one who struggles with this. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… How to Link Your Facebook Fan Page to Your Twitter ProfileMy Profile

  2. Scared and doing it anyway…isn’t that the very definition of true courage? I’m with you Michelle. Still hovering that mouse myself, still daring to challenge what I think I can’t do. :) It’s nice to have such wonderful company on this journey!
    Bonnie recently posted… 5 Little ThingsMy Profile

    1. We’re in great company, Bonnie! And as long as the hovering gets a nanosecond shorter each time, we’re making progress. ;)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… How to Get Super Inspired to WriteMy Profile

  3. I’m scared most days myself, Michelle. It’s good to know I’m not alone. :)
    Angie recently posted… 8 Incredible iPhone Apps for Busy WAHM’sMy Profile

    1. No, you’re not, Angie. It’s not always easy, is it? But one day (or one moment) at a time, we keep pushing forward.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… How to Stay Focused and On TaskMy Profile

  4. Great post, Michelle!
    I may not qualify my (or yours for that matter) emotion as fear- since that normally is associated with inactivity. Rather, it’s a concern, not a quandary. We are concerned that what we have prepared won’t satisfy the needs of our readers. We want it to whelm them (we won’t blanch if it overwhelms), to make them want to come back for more- and more.
    Roy A. Ackerman, PhD, EA recently posted… Faux-Pas or Growth Opportunity?My Profile

    1. Fear can definitely keep us from taking action. Gotta get beyond/over/past/through (whatever!) it and keep going forward.

      Right — it’s something to keep as our goal to always give what will keep our readers (and clients and colleagues and connections) coming back.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Do You Want 7x As Much Exposure For Your Website?My Profile

  5. Inspirational post Michelle!

    I think all of us undergo our own fears, and some conquer them while others don’t. I guess, we need that courage that each one of us has within us, to give ourselves that one ‘big push’, or the initial hesitancy to start, and then things do settle down. I could so well relate to your fears, having undergone most of them as a freelance writer myself!

    Thanks for sharing a nice post :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted… Setting Your Freelance Writing RatesMy Profile

  6. Love and embrace your candor, Michelle.

    Truth be told, it takes a heck of a lot of courage to admit you’re scared. Most folks hide behind their fears, mask them, or overcompensate in other areas of their lives as to not the let that cat out of the bag (they don’t dare let anyone know they’re scared!).

    I believe letting your guard down and jumping in the deep end (even though you’re scared out of your wits!) has a lot to do with letting go of your pride.

    Wonderful message in this post — thanks!
    Melanie Kissell recently posted… Neighbors Selling To Neighbors: Think That Works?My Profile

  7. I’ve learned that fear to me means I am on track up leveling my life…as I get closer to realizing the next stage of my vision fear pops up…but now I think of it as a cheerleader letting me know I’m getting close to the goal line. Before I had my coach training, fears would get me stuck..for a long time. Now they’re more like an mosquito buzzing around. Having a coach helps, too.
    Tambre Leighn/coaching by tambre recently posted… Compassion…Pass It On!My Profile

  8. I’m feeling your honesty and love your attitude.

    Tacking something you fear makes us push forward which is the only way we should be going. Fear also shows that your pushing the boundaries somewhat and not staying in your comfort zone which is a good think.

    Nice, humbling post.
    sandip recently posted… Wynn Promotional CodesMy Profile

  9. Committing mistakes is normal and for me, it is one of the ways we can improve ourselves and it serves as a lesson…
    Helga recently posted… Diagnosis of CMML Leukemia and Treating itMy Profile

  10. For me, mistakes are healthy because we can learn from them and apply the lessons we have got…

  11. Mistakes are definitely inevitable and sometimes, all we have to do is accept the consequences…But we have to remember that we should make it in a positive way and learn from it…
    Lana recently posted… How To Get A Prepaid Rush Card VisaMy Profile

  12. Hi…Mistakes are definitely normal to most people…But we don’t have to ruin our life with that mistake…
    Xyra recently posted… Beauty Diet for Healthy Thick HairMy Profile

  13. Well I agree with the majority that mistakes can be healthy but we have to make sure we cannot commit the same mistakes again…
    Fresy recently posted… software for affiliate marketingMy Profile

  14. Happy I came across this one shirt blog. Absolutely in love with the Roosevelt at the end. I’m sure even since September you’ve made leaps and bounds because of the type f person you’d have to be to take that perspective. cheers my fellow man!

  15. AND… sorry for the typos! Shouldn’t’ve clicked send. Oh well. I wasn’t scared! whats up now!!!

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