Stepping Back + Thinking Bigger = Orange & Pink

Regular readers have noticed my site went from purples and browns to oranges and pinks last weekend.  Along with that came a new tag line and focus.  What motivated the change?

I’ve been on personal journey over the last year or so that really came into focus when I attended Nancy Marmolejo‘s I Heart My Biz event.  Her event came at the perfect time for me and it just took a while for me to settle into it.

Nancy’s event helped me find that glimmer of hope that I could transform my business into something I loved again.  And I connected with the coach (Therese Skelly) who’s helped me work through so much of the “mindset stuff” that I had no idea was keeping me so stuck.

It was the beginning of a long, sometimes tearful, sometimes exciting, always challenging journey to figure out what I was really good at, what I care about, who I am, and what I was supposed to be doing with my life.

Now, quite a while later, you’re seeing that in the changes here.

In a nutshell, I built a business around what I *could* do instead of what I was *meant* to do.  It was draining and not energizing.  There’s clue #1 that I was on the wrong path.

Now I can honestly say that I’m EXCITED about the direction I’m going and the things I’ve got happening.

The Header & Tag Line Changes

I’ve been blogging for several years now and my previous tag line of “Websites.  Blogging.  Marketing.  Simplified.” just wasn’t feeling right.  Yes, I write about websites and blogging.  I share about marketing and getting your business out there more.  And in everything I do, my goal is to bring it down to the step by step and break things down so they feel simple and possible.  You’ll also find inspirational and motivational posts here.  And a dose of “here’s what I did wrong, please don’t do that” sprinkled in, too.

So I asked myself, what’s the common thread running through everything I share from my urging you to give more to teaching you how to setup Twitter to send you traffic?

When I stepped back and took time to really look at what it is that I want for you… it’s not just making the “web stuff” simpler or motivating you.  I want to help you gain VISIBILITY in front of the right people, find your VOICE, and build your COMMUNITY so that you can reach your goals and build a successful business on your own terms.

And that’s really what all this is about.  My new tag line expresses more clearly who I am here to serve and how I can be of service.

The Colors: Pink & Orange

So why’d I change colors, too?

I didn’t get the energetic feeling I wanted when I visited my site.  I felt calm (good) but sort of bored (bad).  I never connected it with the the colors specifically (but check out the graph below for what purple and brown “say”). It’s ironic really, because I use to run through color theory all the time with website design clients and I hadn’t stopped to do it for my own site. Oops.

If I could put colors into words, I would want my colors to say something like, “Welcome–this is a positive, happy, energetic space where you’ll find simple answers to your questions and see big possibilities.”  So a combination of feeling calm (because the answers are here) and energized (because wahooo! you’ve found help).

Plus, I just really love pink.  It makes me feel happy.

Color theory changes based on where you’re at in the world, but here’s a great chart with some things to consider (hat tip to Melissa at Barham Virtual Assistance for sharing this on her blog):

Psychology of Color [Infographic]

Courtesy of NowSourcing, Inc

So, What Do You Think?

Like the new colors and tag line?  Hate ’em?  I’m a big girl, and I promise not to cry (at least not where you can see me).

I would love to hear your feedback.  I expect this to continue evolving as I go so don’t be surprised to see tweaks now and then.  I’m continuing to take the approach of moving forward faster and revising as needed.

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  1. Michelle,
    I would love to hear more about how you built a business around what you could do vs. what you were meant to do.
    Could you give some examples.?
    As for colors, they show up as dark red pink and brown orange. maybe it’s my browser.

    1. Sure, Catherine. For me it was that instead of focusing on what I’m good at, I was working as a virtual assistant and website designer, and doing whatever clients wanted (which was stressful especially when I knew what they were asking for and sure they wanted wasn’t the best strategy)–that type of work can still play a part in what I do, as long as I’m mindful of how I structure my position with clients, but I’m better at the teaching and strategy side of things, that’s where I find myself energized instead of drained, and that’s where I need to focus and help more people.

      The pink is more of a darker shade, so that sounds right. Monitors do have some color variation though. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Is What’s Causing You To Lose Sales Mostly In Your Head?My Profile

  2. Love it Michelle – congratulations! I love color, with fuchsia being my favorite :)

    Thanks for copping to all your growth – I can totally relate! Gaining some new
    perspectives have given me a new enthusiasm towards my business. I am so
    on board for all the changes and exciting ride of this year :)

    Cool on you Ms. Shaeffer. Keep Rockn’ ya self out! Paula

    1. I think most of my work with my coach these past six months has been therapy and not business coaching. LOL Some days business is more about personal growth than anything else. It’s a ride, for sure, Paula.

      I knew I liked you. ;) Same favorite color!
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… You Are What You Share?My Profile

  3. I personally LOVE your new colors and tag line. Your tag line explains EXACTLY how you help people, no questions asked and I remember asking you what you do and who you help last year. I also admire the new picture of the raised hands which says to me excitement and socializing! It’s perfect! The colors are more vibrant, exciting, and match your hair so the blending is just perfect :) I also admire and love the sprinkles of humor around your website and ezine (I’m not your mother…)!!!

    Love what you’re doing with your business. Do you have a package that I can pay you to make my website and products represent what I do?

    I’m currently having a new logo made; Rhonda NEELY – Nothing Except Exciting Love 4 You (N.E.E.L.Y.). I’ll have to add more so people will know what I do but I thought the NEELY was kind of creative…not sure how effective but we’ll see.
    Rhonda Neely recently posted… Bring The Joy Back Into Your Marriage With This…My Profile

    1. When you asked me that, I honestly didn’t have a good answer! I do now. ;) Wanna ask again? :)

      Branding is sooo not my strength but are you looking for more the “digging it out” to find it, or the creating graphics to express it? I can recommend someone for either.

      I like the play on your name. Unique!
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Pushing Your Prospects ButtonsMy Profile

  4. Love the new colors. I also did the same type of research on colors when preparing to launch my organizations site and I am preparing to do the same with my site. The new logo is waiting for a home. I finally feel like I am doing what I love.
    Rhachelle Nicol’ recently posted… The Life of a Single Mother: Let Me Tell It…My Profile

    1. Isn’t that a great feeling, Rhachelle? :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… How Can You Market Your Business on Pinterest?My Profile

  5. Love the changes. I see that your color treatment (not your hair) is paticular to your personality. I have 5 blogs and each one is part of my personality. Blacks and sunset colors, beige and book spines, birds in the sandy sky. So I haven’t found my personal package yet. I tend to dwell on tone of my blogs: color tone enhancing my verbal tone. We’ll see if that works for me or not.
    Go check out my latest post at (one of my favorite blogs) and htp:// (My passion). So you see I haven’t mastered the content of my entrepreneurial goals yet!!

    1. I think we’re all learning as we go, Rusty. :) All those different directions are part of our journey as we find our path.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… How to “Look Good” in WritingMy Profile

  6. WOW Michelle, I love what you have done with your site! It’s professional and inviting. I have watched your site evolve over the past few years and you are truly an inspiration. How do you find the time to do all of this online and maintain home/family?
    Jaime Lee recently posted… Pinterest, Pinterest and more Pinterest!My Profile

    1. Thanks, Jamie. :)

      And I’d never say it’s easy. But it’s definitely possible. Just one day at a time, that’s the only way to make it happen. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Key to Success? Give More.My Profile

  7. @Jaime, like you, I think Michelle is awesome at finding the balance between her home/family life with her professional life.
    @Michelle, I love the pink that compliments your hair, not to mention that it;s calming & represents love, romance. Mix that with the excitement, warmth & enthusiasm of orange and it all works to create a welcoming web site. I would never have though to combine those 2 colors, but then again I’m not a graphic designer or artist!
    Way to go. As always, you are an inspiration.
    Debra Jason recently posted… Soaked in ParadiseMy Profile

    1. Thanks Debra, I’m really happy with how it turned out together. :) I’m hoping to keep this design for a while! There’s a few definite downfalls to doing my own design–one being that it’s always tempting to just tweak it a little bit, and that usually ends up a full redesign. LOL
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… The Entrepreneur’s PledgeMy Profile

  8. Hi Michelle, Nice colors and tag line. It’s amazing how much colors affect us and what we can express with them. I have also noticed how having an online business really speeds up one’s growth – we are constantly meeting new challenges, people and opportunities. Everything changes all the time, and we must change – or rather: evolve – too.
    Marianne Soucy recently posted… “My pet just died – should I get another pet right away?”My Profile

  9. Just in time for spring, Michelle-a rebirth. :-) Gee, couldn’t tell you liked pink. ;-)

    It’s funny about colors. I’ve never done any serious study behind them (although I have read the occasional article about it), yet my business site has shades of blue (more teal) and my personal site has orange. Hmmm…interesting.

    Looking forward to seeing what develops for you, Michelle. You always deliver quality stuff.
    Cathy Miller recently posted… 7 Business Time-Saving TipsMy Profile

  10. Love the new colors on the blog Michelle!

    I did want to mention it earlier, but am glad you wrote about it so that we could talk about it!

    Even though the earlier colors were nice, pink and red have been my all time favorites as well. I think it does add more life to the blog and make it more colorful and vibrant :)

    Thanks for sharing :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted… Prayer and Fasting for a Better LifeMy Profile

  11. I love it all! The colors are definitely more YOU :). And the new tagline is great.

    I can appreciate your struggle…I was going through one myself for a few months, but I think I’m coming out of it, and feeling better about the direction I’m taking my business. I didn’t like the way I’d come to feel about my work…it was feeling like WORK (LOL), and that’s not a good thing, for me. Thanks for sharing your struggle, I’m so glad you’re back to you :).
    Tracey recently posted… Is Poor Product Photography Killing Your Design…and Your Sales?My Profile

  12. I like your new look. In fact, your post has given me motivation to adjust my own blog a little. Unlike you, I don’t really care one way or the other about the color, pink. No one said I had to love it. If we all loved the same colors, life would be a total bore. Keep your colors. They fit your writing personality which I find intriguing.
    Glynis recently posted… Comment on My Ducks Are Getting Ready To Fly by chiaraMy Profile

  13. I love the psychology of color. People don’t realize how color affects buying decisions, emotions, etc. The perfect example is McDonald’s using red and yellow to stimulate hunger. I like the new colors on your site and the reasons behind them. Also, I always enjoy your stories of how you made changes and why. You’re a good motivator for all of us. :)
    Lisa Kanarek recently posted… How to Create a Client-Ready Home OfficeMy Profile

  14. Hi Michelle,

    Congratulations on the changes to your site and to the changes in the direction you are taking. It takes a lot of courage to step back and look at where you are heading and decide it isn’t the right direction.

    Like you, many people pursue what they can do instead of what they are meant to do. Most don’t ever find what they are meant to do and just go down the path that is currently in front of them.

    Kudos to you and I wish you the best of luck!
    Marshall Davis recently posted… Talking Small Biz Featured on AlltopMy Profile

  15. Michelle, I would love everything about you and your work if you and your site were dressed in a dowdy brown burlap sack! :)

    Having said that …

    I love the new colors you’ve chosen and your transformation is definitely inspiration for me — especially the “mindset stuff”.

    I’ve been struggling for the past four years to figure out exactly which direction to take online and how to maximize my greatest strengths. But more importantly, it’s been an uphill battle to sift and sort through what I’m “capable” of doing versus what I’m “meant” to do.

    It ain’t easy!!
    Melanie Kissell recently posted… Put the Right Lure In Front of the Right FishMy Profile

  16. Hello Michelle,

    I am a proponent for color psychology and use it with my clients. Colors infulence our feelings … feelings lead to action.

    KUDOS for taking inspired action for expanding your influence. You are a voice that needs to be heard.

    Continued success in your growth!
    Adalia John recently posted… Encouraging Empowering Motivational Quotes by WomenMy Profile

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