The Answer to Image Search: Seen Compfight Yet?

Images.  They give life and color to our blog posts and our websites.

And when they’re bright and cute like the one on the left, they make us smile, too.

Licenses, searching, image sites… that can drain the life right out of an inspired idea… and suck up hours of time…

Enter Compfight.

With one search and a few clicks you can find images that have been shared under the license you want.

Check it out:

Or read through the frequently asked questions here to learn more about how the site works:

If you’d like to learn about Creative Commons licenses, try this link:

Fan of Flickr images for your blog posts and using WordPress?  You may also be interested in the Photo Dropper plugin.

Image Credit: Pink Sherbet Photography / D. Sharon Pruitt (Creative Commons License)

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  1. Great info as always Michelle, I constantly struggle with this challenge of finding relevant images. Thanks for your selfless help for us “rookies” ;-)

    1. You’re not alone. If I’m not careful finding the right image can take me as long as writing the post. lol Especially on Flickr trying to check licenses, so I really like this search tool.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… 7 Hot Resources for BloggersMy Profile

  2. Hi Michelle,

    Your great post caught my eye on Blokube. Always on the lookout for free image sources. Thanks for sharing this great resource. I’ll go check it out immediately.


    Ilka Flood recently posted… Where to Get the Coolest Facebook Timeline CoverMy Profile

    1. Hi Ilka, thanks for coming over from Blokube–lots of great posts being shared on that site. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Censorship is Coming–Unless You Take ActionMy Profile

  3. Thanks so much for sharing Compfight! It’s perfect! I use Zemanta, but I often can’t find an image to go with what I want.
    Elle recently posted… Lifting Log – Day 18My Profile

    1. You’re welcome, Elle. I find it helpful to have multiple options at my fingertips for image searches. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Don’t Give Up, Don’t Shut Up, Just Keeping Showing UpMy Profile

  4. I struggle twice as much for the images than I do for the post itself!

    I use flickr but somehow I keep looking for more! This should help :)
    Hajra recently posted… Will they call you over for a bloggers party?My Profile

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