Uh-oh… Your Under-Brand is Showing!

delightful little girl panic-stricken You know how there are some childhood moments just seared into your mind?

I have this vivid memory of sitting in the backseat of my parents truck as we were leaving home and headed to Church one summer night.  I was wearing jeans and a short sleeved shirt.

My mother looked at me aghast and said in a stern voice, “Michelle, cover up!  Your epidermis is showing!”

I looked around at myself embarrassed and totally confused.  I didn’t know what epidermis meant but I knew whatever it was it must be something that wasn’t supposed to be showing.

After several minutes of horror my father mercifully told me it meant skin and my mother was only teasing me.

I sat there near tears, trying to decide whether I was more relieved that I wasn’t actually showing something inappropriate or upset that my mother had embarrassed me…

Do you remember moments like that while you were growing up?  Toilet paper on your shoe when you walked out of the restroom… dress accidentally tucked into your tights…

(For the men reading this, I’m not sure what these “girl” moments equate to but I’m sure you’ve got your own embarrassing rites of passage as you grow up.)

So why the heck am I sharing THIS with you?

Because our businesses go through those same awkward moments as they grow up.  We work through branding and identity issues.

I’ve shared a lot of my own with you over the past few months and I’m still working to get my branding consistent across my business because… well… I don’t want my “under-brand” showing!

Kathy, The Brand Therapist, shared this cool checklist with me that’s a great tool for reviewing to make sure your under-brand isn’t showing.  ;)

Just click here to download (or right click and choose “Save Link As”):

You cover up your under-brand and I’ll make sure my epidermis is appropriately covered…

P.S.  Kathy’s offering a free webinar training on Tuesday, December 3rd.  Do you know the three incredibly common mistakes that keep you chasing sales in your business? https://www.michelleshaeffer.com/go/3mistakes/

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  1. I’ll make sure to cover up mine then. My under-brand I mean.
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