What to Do When People Are Talking

Did you get your alerts setup so you know when people are talking about you online?  If not, check out yesterday’s post on how to do that easily. All set now?  Good!

Now that you’ve got it, what can you do with this information?  

1. Build your media/news page. Create a media page and watch for links to reviews or news sites that mention your business or quote you, then add the link and mention to your page.

2. Build your testimonials or product reviews page. When you receive notice of a nice review, send a request to the author and find out if they’ll grant permission for you to reprint it on your own website.

3. Connect with your customers and target market. When you receive notice of a customer review, send a thank you note.  If a popular blog has reviewed your product or service consider offering a special deal, free download, or other discount coupon to their readers.

4. Fix problems quick. If you see a poor review or a pattern of a particular complaint you can take action.  Review your product or service first to see if it can be improved.  If appropriate you can also get in touch with the customers to make amends.

5. Find potential sites to reprint your articles on. You may find that particular sites publish multiple articles you’ve written.  Contact the site owner to see if you can send articles directly to them for consideration.  If you can establish a good working relationship you may be able to offer an affiliate arrangement or create a joint venture.

As you watch your alerts you’ll also come up with other creative ways to use the information to build connections and grow your online business.

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