What’s Your Two Cents Worth?

What products or services do you regularly tell others about?  Just today I can think of several recommendations I’ve made – the shopping cart I use, a free website builder, and a brand of gluten-free pasta.  Have you read any books lately that you found valuable?

If you choose carefully you can turn your reviews and testimonials into more great ways to get your name and your business noticed.

1) Take a few minutes to write honest testimonials for other small or home-based businesses and email them.  They are likely to print them on their websites and be willing to include a link to you.  If you can, include a picture of yourself or one of the item you’re writing about in use.  (If someone sends a testimonial about my ebooks or services, with their permission, I post it on my website and link to their website so they get some free promotion.)

2) Register for an account and review books on Amazon, B&N, and other similar websites. You’ll get name recognition and build credibility by showing that you do your continuing research and stay caught up with business and trends in whatever your niche is.  You can also post book reviews to EzineArticles.com.

3) Add your reviews and testimonials to your blog or website as appropriate.  If you blog or send out a newsletter, share your reviews of products or services that your customers would be interested in.  If you’re a business coach, tell your readers about the great tool or book you found.  If you sell baby products, and find something awesome that compliments what you offer, tell your readers about it.

Share your two cents and build goodwill.  You’ll be helping connect others with great products/services, encouraging other small business owners and authors by providing helpful feedback, creating valuable connections with other small businesses for the future, and expanding the reach of your own business in the process.

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  1. That was a nice read,You learn new things each day.

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