Who’s Liking You on Facebook?

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Got two cool websites to share with you today to help you track mentions of your website/business/brand/etc. on Facebook.

Of course, you’ve already got your fan page setup (right?) and a fan box on your website (no? click here for directions).  So you already know who “likes” you there.


But what about people who’ve clicked the “like” button on various pages of your website?  First, if you don’t have that button on your pages yet, get it.  It’s available easily with plugins like fbLike button.  Next, check out http://likebutton.me/ With this site the home page brings up a selection of pages across various popular sites that have recently been liked.  By adding your URL to it like this you can see the pages on your site that have recently been liked:


This is a parody site.  Be warned it has adult language in the header (I mention this so if you’ve got young kids who read nearby you can open it later if you don’t want to hear/explain the f-word).  Again, it’s going for humor/warning about the issues with Facebook’s privacy settings.  But you can use it to search for any word or phrase and see who’s used it in their status updates (depending on their personal privacy settings).  http://youropenbook.org/

Why might you want to know who’s “liking” your site and talking about you on Facebook?  Here are just a few reasons:

  • See who your biggest fans are.  It’s probably worth connecting more with them so you can find out what you’re doing right to get them to like you so much.  (Get it? They “like” you!)
  • Find out which pages of yours are being shared most on Facebook.  Yeah, you could go load all your website pages and see how many likes they’re showing but this is faster.
  • You can find out who’s saying nice things in status updates and contact them for permission to use it as a testimonial.
  • If there’s anything less that rosy about you or your business you can make a smarter decision about how to approach it (whether it’s worth trying to get in touch and resolve the situation).

What else can tools like this be used for?  How do you use this type of information?  Share in the comments!  Or, know of any other fun mind-reader-like tools for Facebook?

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