Why I’d Keep Writing Even if No One Read My Blog (And You Should, Too!)

Why I'd Keep WritingEven if No OneRead There are days when every blogger considers just throwing in the towel and walking away.

We wonder…

Why should I write when no one seems to be reading?

(Except Google bot and the annoying comment spammers)

Even if my blog had no readers, here’s why I’d keep writing… and you should, too.

Because there are benefits even when you DON’T have a list of millions reading your blog!

And they’re worth it…

(The benefits below, not the comment spammers…)


Personal Growth and Learning

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 1.29.11 PM

Writing about a subject requires thought and research… the more you write, the more you learn about it.

You’re on a journey of constant growth and improvement.

Blogging challenges you… creating consistency, finding focus, developing discipline.

And as you do build an audience you face different challenges… accepting feedback (not always positive) on your work… becoming comfortable with praise and criticism… learning how to handle so many people knowing so much about you… being confident in your insecurities and accepting who you are and what you stand for, what your mission here is.

Self-Expression and Exploration

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One of my favorite thoughts is from writer Flannery O’Conner:

I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say.

If you ask me a question, I’m likely to pause (sometimes extensively) before I respond.  You’ll get a much smarter reply if you allow me time to respond in writing.

Why?  Because I need to think it through.  I need to write it down, to edit, to figure out what I REALLY do think and believe.

Writing is my way of figuring out what’s true for me.

Reference Library


My blog provides an ever growing library that I can easily search to see what I’ve learned, what I’ve shared.

I constantly share links with clients and friends to the posts and guides I’ve written here.

It’s also a fantastic reference for potential clients to see what I know and how I communicate.

Chance to Touch One Life

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 1.35.27 PM

It’s about people, not numbers.

Maybe I don’t have 5,000,000 readers.

But you’re reading.

And you matter.

If I can touch and change one life in a small way, then it’s worth it.

It’s not about huge numbers.  It’s about the difference you can make.

As you write and publish, the search engines are finding your content and indexing it.  And at 3 am when I’m struggling with some problem I can’t solve… I type it into Google… and Google leads me to your blog.

Are you the one I’m looking for?  Are you the one who can explain the answer in the way I need to hear it to understand?  To be inspired?  To realize I can fix my problem, or I can make a decision to change my life?

And don’t think this applies only to bloggers writing about personal growth or motivational topics…

Maybe I need help to find a recipe I can follow that allows me to feel confident and happy serving my family a meal.

Maybe I’m looking for hope that I can get through a day in my life that’s much like yours and when you share your life I find hope.

Maybe I am desperately in search of a guide to solve a technical problem and your blog on computers, or the internet, or blogging will save me from a migraine.

Maybe I’ve got a failing business and I need help to get my marketing or customer service back on track.

Maybe something humorous would make my day 1,000x better.

Maybe I am looking for an escape from the craziness of life and your fiction writing provides that.

Whatever you blog about, your blog solves problems.  Don’t stop writing.

The Future’s Waiting

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 6.37.50 AM

Sure, there may not be much traffic to your blog… YET.

But consistency and focus WILL change it.  So keep writing.


And that’s why I keep writing… how about you?

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  1. Great piece. I’ve been blogging for nearly 10 years. I do it for me…
    Roger Green recently posted… 40 Years Ago: Giving Up (for the nonce)My Profile

  2. Awesome stuff, Michelle! Love it!

  3. Getting seen in search engines is also a good one. If I go by how many real people comment, I have something like three readers. Fortunately I know I have more than that :) I woul write anyway though, and I have written when nobody was reading.
    Linda Ursin recently posted… Turtles, paw prints, live radio, and a reminder to playMy Profile

  4. When I set in front of my laptop, arms folding, looking at the screen and pondering what I want to share and who it is for, I understand this article completely. I have so much I want to share but often ask myself “with whom”, then I remember how good it makes me feel to write the article, complete it to my liking and post it…so I get on with it. The “whom” will find it when they need it. I live by the saying “when your ready, the teacher will come”. I read your blog posts because they are enjoyable and I always learn something. Thank you teacher for all you share.
    Chef William Chaney recently posted… Finding Gluten Free ProductsMy Profile

  5. Well said, Michelle! I think there’s a lot of confusion around the topic of blogging. Many new marketers see it as a business model within itself. Sure, it could be that within a larger strategy. But random stream of consciousness posting won’t get you there. So either write for the joy of it, or write for a business purpose. And in a perfect world, you could do both.
    Bill Alpert recently posted… Can I Clean My Bow Hair?My Profile

  6. I’ve been ambivalent about blogging and you may just get me off the fence, Michelle. Truly inspiring….and reminds me why I love to write. I also see more and more the need for focus and consistency. It’s quite a discipline (what an unpopular concept these days).

    thank you for this!

  7. Great blog, I have no doubt found myself wondering why should I blog everyday,. I do it because of the same reasons as you, I need time to think it through, before I give an answer.

  8. Oh, I so love what you wrote here. And I think that I love the last reason the most – about touching someone’s life and helping them figure something out.
    Plus, I wouldn’t start blogging at all if I didn’t find it a wonderful journey to participate in – readers or no readers. Though it is nice to know that someone is out there, taking a look at your creations from time to time at least! :)
    Thanks, Michelle!
    Btw. Love the logo!
    Renata recently posted… A lil’ bit more on the topic of creative meditationMy Profile

  9. I *love* your perspective on this…and couldn’t agree more!

    “It’s not about huge numbers. It’s about the difference you can make.”

    Terri Zwierzynski recently posted… What Are You Focusing On?My Profile

  10. You must have been reading my mind when you wrote this and this is just what I needed to hear in order to get me back to my blog. Writing for me is such a release, and I do it strictly for the joy it brings me. When I was writing, I was slowly building an audience and people were connecting with what I was writing and that is s great feeling to know that I am touching someone with my words. If you do things for the right reasons, eventually the rewards (whatever they may be) will come! Thanks Michelle :)
    Nadine Herring recently posted… Hello world!My Profile

  11. Great article Michelle! Keeping on blogging is also a good source of content you can re-purpose later on. When I started my business and didn’t want to spend months creating a new product, the first thing I did was to bundle some of my best articles – and there was my first product…

  12. Wonderfully written….I write because it helps me so much mentally. I don’t have a lot of readers at my WordPress blog but I cherish every “like”,”follow” and comment I do get….
    Michael recently posted… Been a hard couple of weeks (plus some good news!)My Profile

  13. I’ve been writing a lot for myself recently too. Instead of simply writing a “note to self” while researching new tools and systems for my business, I start a new blog post draft & keep my notes there instead. As it fills up, I take a bit of extra time to polish & publish it. And, I know sometimes they get picked up and read by other people, but more often than not, it’s just me! And I’m cool with that too :)

    Great post, as always Michelle!
    Loralee recently posted… Complete Divi Theme Customization Resource ListMy Profile

  14. Very nice post, Michelle. Thank you for the Flannery O’Connor quote. So great to discover I’m not the only one who thinks better when writing! An acquaintance once told me she couldn’t think without speaking; interesting how different we all are.
    Eugenia Kaneshige recently posted… Do You Need Another Degree?My Profile

  15. The words I needed to hear today, thanks.
    Barbara Casey recently posted… Vegetarian Nachos Grande Appetizer RecipeMy Profile

  16. Great post Michelle, my blog has been a great place for me to play and grow. The blogsphere is an amazing place full of ideas, opinions, entertainment and solutions to problems. Sometimes I just fall upon a blog and think wow I love this stuff.
    Fran recently posted… Write Everyday! December Challenge.My Profile

  17. This is a great article. I LOVE writing for my blog, even though I regularly feel pretty sure no one reads it…(I know that isn’t really true.) I cared at first until I realized it wasn’t about that. I like to talk. I probably talk too much, so this blogging thing really has taken the pressure off my dear, patient, supportive husband, Tom. And, maybe it will make a difference.

  18. Thank you Michelle! I needed to read this TODAY! I so struggle with blogging, for business or you, for them, for me! Perfect timing.

  19. Word! Thanks… Keep writing

  20. Hi Michelle

    Yep – all of the above apply

    I have resurrected my blog after over two years and am now sending out a weekly newsletter.
    I am still weeding out the bugs and have been hacked four times this year but blogging is definitely part of my practice.


    I have been saving your newsletters in a separate folder and am ready to step through them now

    Do you still have the posting you sent (ages ago) about how to give criticism.
    I think it was a re-posting.
    But it was really good and I can’t find it in my system.
    I remember something about “have you prayed through the night for the person”

    Have a great day your side.

    Stephen recently posted… Hidden assets account for 80% of your valueMy Profile

  21. Love this! I always hope to reach more readers, but if I’m helping somebody, I’m doing my job. I always believe that either that one post, one connection, or one application will make all the difference.

  22. This came at the right time. Even posted something about it today on my blog: http://grassinthebackyard.blogspot.com/

    We as writers sometimes need to keep hearing the fact that we just need to write, regardless….. Thanks again….

  23. I love the idea of continuing to blog because it helps with self learning. I take the view that it’s a valuable form of expressing our personalities.
    I also like the view that people are out there who will enjoy/benefit from what we do, and if we stop blogging, the blog will just die away and not be there for those people when they come/ Excellent reminders!
    Cheers, Gordon
    The Great Gordino recently posted… Nick Winton – What’s The Old Codger Doing This Time?My Profile

  24. Great reminder, Michelle, that there are many reasons to get our words out there on a consistent basis. I am one of those who “see what I think” through my pen and keyboard and it’s always enjoyable when what I publish resonates with others.
    Gail Gaspar recently posted… How to Boost Passion and Income for Your Business Right Now. Gifts for You.My Profile

  25. Hi Michelle,

    Your post is really inspiring. I like the thought of learning through writing. I do think I learn more on a subject when doing some research on a post than when I just read few articles about it. The research actually requires me to be more focused. I also make it a point to contact people and ask for their help with what I am writing about. For example, I contacted the owner of a gift giving company for my last post about customer appreciation ideas. Not only does it brings in more helpful advice for my readers, but it also allows me to connect and meet new people.

    As you said, it’s not about the numbers, it’s about helping or touching at least one person. It’s about meeting new people, getting feedback, learning with others.

    What’s the best way to connect with your readers? Do you use your newsletter emails to invite them to talk to you or social media or the comment section? I know every blogger has a different approach I’m just curious what yours is :)
    Aurelie Chazal recently posted… 7 Customer Appreciation Ideas For Your Small BusinessMy Profile

  26. Thank you sharing such an inspirational and encouraging post Michelle!

    It’s way too easy especially in the beginning to get discouraged when the lack of steady traffic and or income from your blogging efforts,isn’t exactly setting any records.

    But you’ve made it clear that it’s not about large gross numbers of any kind!

    Instead, it’s about hopefully making a real difference in someone’s life!

    And that’s certainly a worth while goal! Thank you for helping us to keep our perspective, especially when things aren’t exactly as rosy as we would have hoped for and or anticipated!
    Mark recently posted… While Your Major Competitors Are Coasting During The Holiday Season You Should Be Ramping Up! Part TwoMy Profile

  27. I like the part about touching someone’s life. I had that happen with one of my blogs, where I thought no one was reading and it turned out that not only was one person reading but, at a local networking event, he went around the room telling everyone about it. You just can’t pay enough for that kind of free publicity.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted… My 7th Year Anniversary; This Means 7 Lessons Of Course…My Profile

  28. Very informative and useful… Thanks for sharing… Following you now
    Tom Suzzy recently posted… Hello world!My Profile

  29. Another great post Michelle,

    You inspired me to write about why I blog. We have similar reasons, but reading this prompted me to put down my own thoughts and share them too.

    Dan Giercke recently posted… 3 BIG Reasons Why I Blog (and think you should too)My Profile

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