Your Cereus Giveaway Gifts are Ready!

This month I’m also part of a wonderful gift event.  It’s being coordinated by Kim Reddington of Cereus Women and here’s what she shared with me about it (to share with you all):

The goals I create for my business, I like to call my Cereus Business Goals. Every business needs to have goals. Every mom needs to have goals, both personal and professional.

How can I help you, my valued subscribers, to reach your Cereus Business Goals? That was a question I asked myself several months ago because as you know I am dedicated to your success. It’s not enough to just write down your goals, you also need support and encouragement from others to push you along.

That’s why I created The Cereus Giveaway. I put together a team of 13 respected expert mompreneurs who were all willing to give away one of their products for F.R.E.E. You heard me right, 15 products chock-full of secrets that will propel you forward in your business and your family life.

You’ll get information on why you don’t need a press release to get publicity from Elena Verlee, improving self-confidence from Marcia Francois, everything you wanted to know about Facebook from Christine Gallagher, much, much more, and even several gifts from me!

The full value of the package totals more than $700 of products that you will receive for f.r.e.e.

I know. I know. You’re wondering…what’s the catch? What do you need to buy to get all these great things – and more?

Nothing…Absolutely nothing.

Time to grab your gifts!  The web page to jumpstart your Cereus Business Goals for the new year is now ready for you to grab all your free gifts.

Visit giveaway/2010G.html

You’ll find awesome gifts from more than a dozen successful women solopreneurs, worth over $700!

Be the first to get a copy of How to Transform Your Website into an Ideal Client Attracting Magnet in 6 Easy Steps.  It’s brand new and after this promotion will be available only through my latest project (Website Spa) for $47.  So grab yours now – and I’d love your feedback after you’ve downloaded and read it.

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