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Most of my day yesterday was spent in reflection on 2011 and goal setting for 2012.  Not the “one word” or “10 goals” type of goal setting (though I believe those have merit, too).  But hours of in-depth creating goals and breaking them down into steps and targets.

I attended a goal setting workshop for entrepreneurs hosted by Adam Urbanski.  And one of the areas he challenged us to really get serious about defining was what our vision for our lives and businesses are long-term, including what causes we want to support and what change we want to make in our worlds.

This week I’ll be sharing with you some of the causes and groups I choose to support.  I’d love to know which causes are close to your heart.

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  1. Oh – goals for 2012. I am still working on my list but I do intend to focus more this year on accomplishing something new. Last year I feel like my life & my business were a big stagnant so it would be nice to do something meaningful in 2012.

    Brandi – Keeping It Indie

    PS – thanks so much for stopping by my blog!
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    1. Focus makes such a difference. I’m really excited for 2012 after laying out some specific goals and action steps.

      And you’re welcome–great tips in your post.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Make a Difference: KIVAMy Profile

  2. I got in the habit of giving blood every 8 weeks a few years ago. Now I give platelets every couple of weeks to our local blood bank which stays in our area.

    1. Hobby, that’s a great way to literally give life!
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  3. I support my own nonprofit that serves transition age foster, probation and homeless youth. It’s called Group Home Consultants. You can find out more about it at I also support GenWhy whose mission it is to eliminate youth homelessness in the United States. And two animal groups, Animazonia Wildlife Foundation (big cats and other animals) and White Fox Horse Rescue.

    I also help with fundraising for small, local nonprofits and The City of Hope.

  4. major goal:
    getting independent with business

    private goal:
    finding somebody special

    merry christmas
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    1. Great goals, Helen! Knowing what we want is the most important first step to success. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Make a Difference: KIVAMy Profile

  5. I’m working on my goals this week. So much to do and too little time. :) Two causes I’ve been supporting lately are the North Texas Food Bank. (My son and I volunteered our time there a few weeks ago and couldn’t believe how much they do.) I’m also a new volunteer for a group called “Dwell With Dignity.” It gives me the opportunity to use my design background to help families in need. Enjoyed your post.
    Lisa Kanarek recently posted… Last-Minute Tips for End of the Year OrganizingMy Profile

    1. That sounds like a really neat group, Lisa. Finding opportunities that match our skills are wonderful.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… A Sneak Peek at the Holiday GiftsMy Profile

  6. I need to do better with goal setting. I tend to go full speed at something with little planned focus in my business, which is opposite of what I do in my personal life. I need to set better business goals.
    As far as causes my daughter and I have been planning some service projects to benefit diabetes organizations and church projects. Being more attentive to serving is a 2012 goal for us. I hope to do the same in my business life. Thanks for your inspirational posts!

    1. I’m working on goals for both. I started reading Brain Rules and the first chapter in was all it took to convince me I’ve got to get back to regular exercise this year.

      We’ve been looking at family options, too. It’s so important to help our children learn the value of service and how they really can make a difference through small actions.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Make a Difference: KIVAMy Profile

  7. Great idea. I think a lot of stress management is keeping your goals in the front of your mind and trying to spend time working towards them. My work goals are to publish some of the many manuscripts (public health research articles) that have been hanging around way too long and to write “the big” grant. At home, I want to finish landscaping the back yard. And spend a bunch of time with my child, whose school is probably the organization that I support the most. My goal for me personally is to do more yoga than in 2011. Best wishes in the pursuit of your goals!
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  8. 2012 is full of many changes, goals, and ideas for both me and my husband singally (by ourselves) and together. He is building up a non-profit historical society here in Spokane which includes many options for volunteering ;) He’s super stoked about this. bonus for me, I’m the “web mistress” for his project WOOT! LOL As for myself, I’ve been wanting to donate quilts and crocheted blankets to both hospitals and other organizations. I am working on getting a group of gals together for the Breast Cancer 5K held annually here in Spokane, as well as creating a quilt for raffle ;) and I am working towards building up a group to help make baby blankets for the Sacred Heart/Holy Family maternity wards (including the NIC units and another program they have called Forget-Me-Not that helps families grieve a stillbirth).

    As for goals … I’ve been spending a couple hours every night this past week working on my yearly goals as well as monthly, weekly and daily … going through a lot of ink on my printer LOL but I am one that needs the visual stuff. :)
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  9. Hi Michelle,

    It’s rare to meet an entrepeneur who’s not on it solely for themselves. You have a different spirit, the world could use this touch. Regarding what causes are close to my heart. I’ve always been passionate about the youth of this generation, and seeing them rise up. My associate has a heart for the homeless and helpless. Although lately we’ve been chatting alot about the impact parents have on their children while they’re still young. We both think that these years are so crucial to a child’s development,

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  10. I give a little to a lot of charities. Some of the lesser know ones that do important work are;
    Gentle Giants, Draft Horse Rescue in Maryland
    Companion animal Protection society in MA.
    D.E.L.T.A. Animal Rescue in CA
    Best Friends Animal Society in UT
    The Marine Mammal Center in CA.
    Merry Christmas and Thank You for your Heart Felt Dedication to helping others.

  11. You have a very compassionate heart, Michelle, and a generous, giving nature — a few of the MANY things I love about you. :)

    I enjoy supporting shelters for battered women and children. Having been a battered wife, my heart goes out to these women and children who have no support system whatsoever, no extended families to offer them shelter, and sadly, many of whom are in “hiding” from life and death situations.

    Many thanks for donating fruit trees in honor of your subscribers — very cool! :)
    Melanie Kissell recently posted… Merry Marketing! Share Your Holiday OfferMy Profile

  12. Great post! My big goal for 2012 is to use my business to help others. I haven’t nailed down a strategy yet, but I would like to use a certain percentage of every sale/project to fund some of the projects on I am especially supportive of music, art, science, reading and math programs. Some of the donation amounts requested are so small that I would love to fulfill them so teachers around the country can get the supplies they need for their classrooms.

  13. Michelle, thanks for this ~ you are a life-saver!! This is one New Year where I feel like I can actually attain my goals! And I love that you’ve made supporting causes a part of the goal-setting process. I just posted all my goals for 2012 and linked back to your website and this post!

    Thanks for all you do ~ looking forward to more great and encouraging writing/blogging tips in 2012!
    Mikaela D’Eigh recently posted… The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Goal Time!My Profile

  14. WOW, isn’t it great to see all the cuases being supported!

    I agree with Melanie about your good qualities, Michelle.

    I also like Melanie, suppot battered women shelters in my community. These women have been not only physically abused but also verbally abused; being told how stupid, ugly, or worthless they are and my heart goes out to them because I know exactly how it feels. I hold a weekly Self-esteem class at the shelter to let them know how beautiful and smart they truly are and how they can do anything they so desire to do.

    Thank you for the gifts you’ve contributed in our honor.
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