10 Best Social Media Tips

I inivited some blogging friends to share their best social media tip or secret with me for this post.  Many minds are better than one!

Here are 5 our five best social media tips.  Help complete this list by posting YOUR social media tip as a comment  below.

Create and Follow a Plan, Michelle Shaeffer of… Here  :)

Effective social networking requires a plan.  Posting once a week for a couple of weeks, or 10 times a day for a week then quitting, isn’t going to get the results you want.  To use social media to drive traffic to your website or build your mailing list you have to know your goals and then work strategically towards them.  Decide which networks to get active on, and how much time to commit, then be consistent!  (I’ll share more about how to create your plan next week.)

Use Networked Blogs, Karen Banks of Office Help 4 Hire

One tip I included is using the Facebook ap here called Networked Blogs. After you register your blog, they syndicate it to whatever sites you want it: other Facebook pages, Twitter, etc. You use their code to set up a Networked Blogs “Follow This Blog” widget similar to Google Friend Connect. Then there is a whole community at Networked Blogs where you set up a profile; they keep a running list of your posts accompanied by thumbnail screenshot of your blog; other members can see and follow your blog, and you can browse other members’ blogs.

Add an Opt-In Form to Your Fan Page, Rhonda Neely of Your Marriage Restoration Station

I love the FBML app that allows me to use my opt-in form on my Facebook fan page. [Note: View Rhonda’s Facebook page for an example of an opt-in form at http://www.facebook.com/rhonda.s.neely?sk=app_6165549526]

Reward Your Blog Commenters, Diana Simon of From Coach to Entrepreneur

If you have a blog make sure you generously reward your commenters.  I reward them by using the commentluv plugin and making my blog a Do-Follow which gives them backlinks.

Post Valuable Comments, Leanne Chesser of WAHM Solution

Post comments of value, encouragement or greeting on other people’s Facebook walls and don’t spam people with your link and requests to visit your page.

Okay, your turn! What’s your tip or strategy for making social media work for your business?

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  1. Thanks for asking and including my tip, Michelle.

    Here’s another: join forums where there is an active writing community. At Work Place Like Home (WPLH) for instance, there is an entire section of that forum for writers, and a sub-folder for bloggers. We post links to our blog posts for the day, and visit each other’s blogs to comment, follow, etc.

    Thanks again – great post! :-)
    K’Lee Banks recently posted… 30 Things About Me You May Not KnowMy Profile

    1. Thanks for both tips, K’Lee! :) Forums are a fantastic way to really get focused on connecting with your niche.

  2. Fab tips! I have recently made my blog a DoFollow. Unfortunately, I mistakenly thought it was one! Anyway, I highly recommend that one tip also! Another social media tip I use is joining groups. They have proved to be invaluable in my networking and support. thanks for asking :)

    1. Seems like it should be the default, doesn’t it Martha? I know the arguments against it, but I think it should be follow unless we set it to no follow.

      Groups is a great tip. Do you find you like any specific groups better? LinkedIn vs. Facebook? Other groups? I need to explore those more.

  3. Excellent tips! When I follow someone’s blog – I always contact them directly and tell them who I am and that I’m following/subscribing. Most of the time I get a nice response and they check out my blog. Great stuff, Michelle :)

    1. Hi Cindy, getting in touch to introduce ourselves is a great way to connect. I find that works well for me through Twitter especially (probably just because I hang out there more, but maybe because a lot of us are on email overload, too).

  4. Really cool SM tips, Michelle!

    My best social media tip would be to Share! Share! Share! other people’s valuable content, expertise, programs, products, resources, and tips.

    There’s a little spark of magic that happens when you bring others into the spotlight!

    Fellow bloggers, entrepreneurs, and small biz owners appreciate being recognized for their knowledge and talents. And the best part? They also have spirits of generosity and “reciprocity”.

    Sharing someone else’s “awesomeness” is my best social media tip — the rewards are boundless!
    Melanie Kissell recently posted… Pasteurize Homogenize And MonetizeMy Profile

    1. That’s the perfect tip coming from you, Melanie, as you are fabulous at that! I was telling someone (maybe you? LOL) the other day that I loved how engaged your readers on your blog are, and what a community you’ve created. I think you’ve given away your secret here. ;)

      1. Oh, darn! I gave away another secret. Me and my big mouth. :)

        And, yes, it was me you were telling that to the other day and I feel so blessed to have readers that really like to “talk” to one another and to me. It certainly lifts my spirits and motivates me to blog some more.

  5. Reward your commentors and they’ll take care of you. Allow them to include their most recent blog post via CommentLuv, Thank them for visiting, make sharing super easy by giving them a variety of tools (tweetmeme, digg digg, follow me plugins come to mind as I look around here), etc.
    Lisbeth Tanz recently posted… Empower Someone Else – Ask For HelpMy Profile

    1. I *heart* CommentLuv. That’s got to be one of the best plugins ever invented. :)

      Great tips, Lisbeth.

  6. Guest Posts are a great part of social media, I have found.
    Connecting and interacting with comments and follows are essential.
    Patricia Anne McGoldrick recently posted… MAD about POETRY MONTH 2011!My Profile

    1. Guest posting is fun, too. :)

      One of the great things about social media and blogging is how it allows us to interact with our commenters and build relationships through different points of contact.

  7. Re-tweet posts of bloggers you admire – this would leave a positive impression of you in their minds, and get you closer to networking with them. Who knows, JV talks, which is good for business.
    Stella recently posted… Promote Yourself and Share What You Do!My Profile

    1. Yes! This is a great way to start to build a relationship. :)

  8. Michelle, this is a great post. I really like this type of post because it invites additional “tips” in the comments section, making this a little treasure trove of helpful tidbits!

    My favorite suggestion was yours….to make a social media plan. I have found that SM (like FB, Twitter, et al) can really eat up the time and not be very efficient without a plan. Good stuff! Thanks for the great work.

    1. It really can take a lot of time if we’re not focused. I have to watch my time on Twitter. :)

      There are so many great comments here!

  9. Thanks for all these great tips, Michele. I have learned so much from you about blogging, but more important about building relationships through this media. You have been very generous in sharing your expertise… you are a true leader. Thank you, MIchelle.
    Julie Henderson recently posted… SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT MAGICMy Profile

  10. I have to say that I am a huge FAN of Networked Blogs. I get most of my traffic from them and I almost didn’t set it up in the beginning, because I thought it would be too much of a pain. I was in a lazy mood that day, but I did it, it wasn’t bad, and I’ve never regretted it.

    I would suggest to people that they make sure Google Analytics is on their blog and then check it to see where they’re traffic is coming from. I check mine a few times a week and I was stunned by what I’ve learned. There’s another photography site that is #2 or #3 on the list of where I get most of my new visitors and all I do is comment on their blogs with links to my photography. I’ve learned that instead of linking to my Flickr photostream, I should link to my blog so that people can read what else I’ve written.

    This is where “related posts” comes in handy! Keep people on your site by giving them quick access to what else you’ve written.

    I also have a plug in called “tweetmelater” which retweets old posts – again, get fresh eyes on yours site.

    Have a great weekend, Everyone!
    Through the Lens of Kimberly Gauthier, Photography Blog recently posted… Photography Challenge- Fabulous FridayMy Profile

    1. Ooooh I need to go look that plugin up! I don’t have it yet and that sounds like a good one, Kimberly.

      I’ve found blog commenting is a great way to get targeted traffic, too. I enjoy checking my stats to see which of my comments got people interested enough to click through and visit me here.

      Thanks for adding your tips! :)

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