Wrapping Up April

It’s time for another monthly wrap up post.

Fourth month of the year down.  Eight to go!  April’s been a busy month around here, and here’s what I’ve been up to…

Around the Internet

One of the best things about checking your website stats is finding out who’s been linking to your website.  Did you check your stats and look for new links this month?

NetworkedBlogs on Facebook linked to my tutorial about adding your blog to Facebook, which I thought was pretty cool.

And here are some of the blogs I’ve popped up on during April:

KR Design Blog – Here’s a list of Kristen’s top 10 Blog Resources for the week.  My post about sharing your blog is included, along with a group of terrific resources.

The Time Finder with Paula Eder – Paula shared some excellent additional tips and thoughts about why you want to be watching those website stats.

WAHM Solution – A round up of sites for work at home bloggers.  Leanne’s got great taste — I follow all four of these blogs (okay, five if you count my own, and I’d still think she had great taste even if I weren’t included).

Solomompreneur Melanie Kissell – If you’ve ever struggled with your tag line (waving my hand wildly here) you’ll enjoy this article.

Laura Wagner (Web Design & Social Media) – Laura likes to share secrets with her readers, too.  I knew I wasn’t alone!

Mum’s Got a Business – Heather’s put together an excellent list of resources for women in business.  I’m honored to be included.

On my YouTube Channel

I’ve added several new videos.  One was me testing out the very cool website Prezi.com to create a promo for a free Twitter class (watch it here).  And I also uploaded a video sharing one of the business books I’ve read recently and recommend (click here to see it).

And with the Ultimate Blog Challenge happening, of course there’s been lots of new content here on my blog…



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  1. I love your monthly wrap-ups, Michelle, especially how you list your posts for each month in specific “categories”.

    Thank you kindly for the mention. And I see you waving your hand wildly. LOL :)

    1. Melanie, it’s super easy with this plugin: http://www.clickonf5.org/instant-weekly-roundup :) It does all the tough work for me, I just give it the dates and it formats it into a list organized by the categories I use on my blog.

      Tag lines are tough! Mine keeps changing… evolving… I figure it’s in flux like everything else. ;)

      1. Wow-Wee. Thanks, Michelle. Appreciate the info.

        Let’s conclude …

        “Plugins are our friends.” :)

        1. You’re welcome — and yes, plugins are definitely our friends!

  2. Hi Michelle
    2011 is going so quickly – too quickly.
    Thanks for the roundup and the links.
    Have a good May.
    Keith Davis recently posted… Online Video- Un Art… Une TechniqueMy Profile

    1. Agreed – it’s moving too fast! :)
      Michelle recently posted… One Red Paperclip A HouseMy Profile

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