101+ Reasons to Tweet, Update, Blog and Otherwise Shout About Your Business

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Looking for ideas to help you figure out what to tweet about, post on your fan page, share on your blog, issue a press release on, or otherwise shout about you and your business to get some attention?

Your ideas are here!

Quick, bookmark this post so you can find it again when you’re working on that press release or staring at a blank status update box.

Here are 101+ different reasons/ideas–you’re sure to find something on this list you can use!


  • Initial launch
  • Anniversary celebration
    • X years in business
    • X months since…
  • New location (for brick & mortar business)
  • Announce association or group memberships
  • Announce a new trademark, service mark, business name, etc
  • Milestone celebration
    • 100 customers, 500 customers, 100 sales, etc
    • Social media milestone (1,000 Facebook fans, Twitter followers, etc)


  • New website launch
  • Website makeover
  • New resources page
  • New resources added
  • Award or other special recognition
  • New article or series of articles (on your website or elsewhere online)


  • Launch of new blog
  • Blog makeover
  • Guest post on your blog
  • Your guest post on another blog
  • Series of new posts on a topic
  • Award or recognition of your blog
  • New features on your blog
  • Top posts on your blog

Free Offers & Resources

  • New free audio
  • New free ebook
  • New free e-course
  • Feedback received about your freebies
  • Where else people can find your free offers (like giveaways and joint promotions)
  • Free newsletter/ezine
  • Milestones for your freebies (like “Join 1,000 other entrepreneurs and get your…”)
  • Share a “Top 10” or “Best Tips” list you’ve created
  • Free quiz available on your website

People Related News

  • New team member
  • New joint venture partner
  • Award or other recognition of you
  • Interview of you somewhere else
  • Your interview of someone else (blog, article, audio, etc)
  • Recognize an employee or team member
  • Recognize a top affiliate
  • Recognize a great customer/client
  • An endorsement of you by a celebrity (remember celebrity doesn’t have to mean A-List Hollywood, but can just be someone recognized in your local or online community)

Promotions & Specials

  • Sale or special offer
  • Share a promotion as an affiliate that fits well with your business
  • Create your own award to present
    • Announce it
    • Accept applications/nominations
    • Announce the winner
    • Repeat next year
  • Create a scholarship or community recognition award


  • New product offering
  • Updated product offerings
  • Reviews of your products
  • Expanding into other shops (if your products are for sale on Amazon, in a new brick & mortar, etc)
  • Feature unique uses of your products
  • Update your “products in use” photos and share
  • Share a link to a video demo of your products
  • Showcase a specific product
  • Offer a limited time bonus w/ a specific product or purchase


  • New service offering
  • Updated service offerings
  • New angle on the services you offer
  • Reminder of why your services are unique
  • Reviews shared about your services
  • Examples of your work
  • Feature a client success story (with their permission, of course!)


  • Holiday special or promotion
  • Gift or giveaway for a holiday
  • Share a holiday reminder that ties into your business (like National Sportsmans Day if you sell sporting goods or fishing tips, National Coffee Day if you’re a coffee roaster, etc)


  • Workshop
  • Teleseminar
  • Conference
  • Live or virtual class
  • Sponsoring an event
  • Speaking at an event
  • Attending an event
  • Sharing recap or what you learned at an event


  • Appearance on TV
  • Appearance on radio/internet radio
  • Mention in print or web interview
  • Featured article by you
  • Guest or regular column by you
  • Announcement that you’re available for media

Public Speaking

  • Announcement of availability for speaking
  • Share new speaking engagements
  • Share your positive speaking feedback
  • Share clips (audio or video) of you speaking
  • Share topics/outlines of available talks
  • Promote your one-sheet

Charity / Non-Profits / Causes

  • Donation to an event
  • Partnership or other cooperation with an organization/cause
  • Awareness campaign participation

Print Book

  • Announce upcoming book
  • Promote book launch
  • Share book reviews
  • Promote a book signing

Affiliate Program

  • Launch of program
  • Updates to program
  • New resources for affiliates
  • Feature success of an affiliate

Social Media

  • Announce your Twitter ID
  • Announce your Facebook page
  • Share a new resource/tab you’ve added on your Facebook page
  • Share your LinkedIn profile
  • Share a review from your LinkedIn Profile
  • Promote social media accounts of an expert you recommend
  • Promote your YouTube channel
  • Reminder of your YouTube videos
  • Share a new YouTube video

Current News

  • Share a new study and your opinions on it
  • Comment on something in the news that relates to your business or industry
  • Sponsor/create a survey then share results
  • Write a “Letter to the Editor” and share on your blog/site

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  2. Great ideas and this will definitely help w/ the blank box. Love the reading time at the top! Classic!

  3. Whoa! Fabulous, Michelle. I don’t think you’ve skipped a beat here and I’m definitely bookmarking this one. You’re a list poster extraordinaire!

    1. Thanks, Melanie, glad it’s bookmark-worthy. ;)

  4. What a fantastic list! I’m almost afraid to add that I gloss over many of these opportunities *blush*

    But I promise, once I upload my TV debut, I will shout if from the rooftops :)

    1. TV debut?! You’d better tell us all about that one! Congratulations.

  5. Very resourceful list! And here I thought I was tweeting, blogging, etc. too much about my business. I don’t even tweet about half the stuff here, so let me get to work :-)

    Thanks again Michelle!
    Stephanie Treasure recently posted… What to do when you need to grow your email list Here’s 14 IdeasMy Profile

    1. You’re welcome, Stephanie. There are so many great reasons we can share business related news. :)

  6. I can’t wait to read and start doing all of these! Thank you.

  7. Great resource, love it
    Going to refer to this list when Im drawing a blank :)
    Tara Burner recently posted… The Bulls eyeMy Profile

    1. Hey Tara, glad to hear it. :)

  8. Definitely a list to have beside me in readiness of those moments when I think what I am about to tweet isn’t really appropriate… but now I find it is!! Thanks..

    1. There’s usually a way to work our business news into something worthy or helpful to share. :)

  9. […] 101+ Reasons to Tweet, Update, Blog and Otherwise Shout About Your Business […]

  10. This really answered my problem, thank you!

    1. You’re welcome, Lyman.

  11. This came along at just the right time. I had developed my first press release for a client but your points definitely gave me many other things to consider. Where I’m stuck now is his website is not really functional for selling the book, but I can’t convince him to invest $ in upgrading it. What’s the point in sending out a Press Release to the world if your website will turn them off?

    1. That’s a tough spot. If the client is absolutely against changes to the website at this point, it might be better to point people to Amazon to grab the book. Just add some info in there that the book is available at Amazon or other online retailers and link there instead of the website.

  12. Bookmarked, it is!
    Great list, Michelle.

    I have also shared “mentions” of my work.

    Thanks for this extensive list, by categories.
    Patricia Anne McGoldrick recently posted… Celebrate Mental Health Week! Get the facts!My Profile

  13. Very resourceful list! I definitely think that if you provide tweets that appeals to your followers, you’ll gain credibility and be on your way to forming a valuable relationship. This can be very powerful from a marketing point of view. Thanks for sharing


    1. You’re welcome, Lynne. And thanks for commenting.

  14. Thanks for this almost endless ideas. I am running out of ideas to tweet and post. Your post give me brilliant ideas. I will surely take note of this.

    1. Hi Cresilda, I’m glad this was helpful. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Why I’m Giving Up 2 Mochas a MonthMy Profile

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