What Did You Miss This Month?

Anyone else feel like we need a couple more days before March begins? I always feel like February ends too early. But here’s where I’ve been this month:

Getting ready to launch into a new 31 Days Blog Challenge — if you’re thinking about joining us, now’s the perfect time!

At Solo-E.com:

At CWAHM.com:

At the WAHM-Articles Blog:

Did you miss any of the great content here on my blog this month?

Just in case, here’s everything I’ve posted this month in easy to scan categories so you can see if there’s anything that might be helpful for you in your business/blog.



Business Online


Cool Tools



Newsletters & Email

Online Marketing


Social Networking

Staying Balanced & Inspired

Websites & Technology

And don’t forget you can find lots of free tutorials on my YouTube channel at http://youtube.com/user/MichelleShaeffer “See” you there!

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