184 Fun & Simple Ways to Attract Traffic to Your Blog

Most of the advice we get on how to get more readers to our blogs falls into two categories: confusing and hard to figure out exactly how to implement, or confusing and expensive.

“Be interesting” (Thanks, I was totally doing boring on purpose!)

“Write epic content” (Definition? Hints? Any clues?)

“Write misleading titles to get people to click” (No. After I remove the sleaze with a very hot shower, I’ve got a piece of my mind to share with those endorsing this idea!)

“Buy traffic” (Great, how do I start and make sure this comes out cash flow positive?)

There is no real “secret.”

My best advice: Be honestly helpful. Let people know your blog exists. And repeat.

But that’s the long, slow, reliable approach. If you do just those two things it works, eventually.

You got a bunch of extra time and patience laying around?

Great! Me neither.

I wrote this post for both of us.

Here are 184 ways to speed it up and magnetize traffic to your blog like a sleep-deprived work at home mom to her coffee pot.

So I guess instead of “Get outta my way – must have coffee!” I could have titled this post…

How to Create a Blog So Addictive Readers Say “Gimme My Laptop, Gotta Read Your New Post NOW!”

This list is sorted by general category so you can easily find ideas.  Some are one time actions, others are per post or ongoing. All of them can help attract more traffic to your blog.

Blogging Style & Tactics

The way you approach your blog – your writing, your content formatting, the plugins you use, your theme and branding – has a huge impact on how much traffic you attract.

1. Write with personality – be you.

2. Develop and define your brand – let it shine so you stand out.  From your writing style to your colors and theme.

3. Keep your theme and blog simple and readable.

4. Be opinionated and confident. Embrace your ideas and stand up for them.

5. Use tweetable quotes in your posts.  This is the best plugin for it.

6. Add social sharing buttons to encourage readers to share.

7. Mention influencers and others frequently, with links.

8. Be sure each blog post includes a Pinterest friendly graphic with a “Pin” button.  (Idea by Robin Smith)

9. Respond to your comments.

10. Thank sharers publicly (when you are tagged or see someone share on Facebook, Twitter, etc).

11. Format well – use bulleted and numbered lists, short paragraphs.

12. Learn how to use trackbacks.  Then use them.

13. Write headlines that connect emotionally.

14. Don’t use jargon (no dictionary should be required to read your blog).

15. Learn the basics of SEO and apply solid search engine optimization to your posts.

16. Understand your readers and talk like them.

17. Give credit and link to those who inspire your posts.

18. Add a translator plugin like one of these.

19. Link your blog posts to your other blog posts.

20. Submit your site to Alltop.

21. Put a Facebook pixel on your blog and run retargeting campaigns to your latest posts.

22. Install OnlyWire plugin and use it to submit new posts to multiple bookmarking sites at once (see social bookmarking below for more).

23. Turn your blog into a mobile app.

24. Study great headlines and constantly work to improve your headline writing skills.

25. Include quality, relevant images with every post you publish.  Be sure your URL is on the images.  (Idea by Robin Smith)

Blog Post Types

There are certain specific formats and subjects that are “hot” and simply get more traffic. Learn to leverage them when you blog. Here are a few to get you started…

26. Create cornerstone content. This post is an example. Here’s how to approach it. Here’s how to write it.

27. Create quote posts where you feature experts or gurus quotes on one topic.

28. Do interviews. Feature interesting people.

29. Write reviews – of books, of products, of services (then let the subject know they’re welcome to share it).

30. Share your blog stats with what’s working and isn’t.

31. Share an income report with what’s working and isn’t.

32. Do a behind the scenes of what life is like and how you juggle work/blog/family/fun.  Include photos or video.

33. Create a top 101 list of blogs, resources, or people in your niche.

34. Choose a popular or controversial personality and write “How to (Name)-ify Your (X)” like “How to Trump-ify Your Business”.

35. Comment on immediate topical trending news.  (Idea by Shel Horowitz)

36. Check Amazon to find the most popular book or movie with your audience and then write a review or summary.

37. Invite 25-50 experts to all answer the same question then create a roundup post of expert advice.

38. Write a detailed tutorial that solves a problem a lot of your ideal readers face.

39.  Do a video how to post.

40.  Use list posts.  Like this one.  You’re reading it, right?  ;)

41. Create an award within your niche and honor 25-100 people in your niche with it, or make it an ongoing weekly or monthly award.

42.  Feature others on your blog.  Frequently.  Link to them and let them help you share.

43. Host a giveaway. Buy the product yourself (it’s easy to ship to a winner direct from Amazon) or get someone to donate a book, ecourse, membership, etc.

44. Be contrarian.  How is conventional wisdom, or the expert, wrong and why?

45. Be brave. What needs said that no one is saying? What’s happening that no one is talking about?

46. Write a controversial blog post, then ask a question on social media and link to your blog for the answer… (Idea by Dr. Steve)

47. Feature a charity or good cause and share how readers can help.

48. Crowdsource your blog ideas. Ask fans and followers what they would like you to write about.

49. Create resource lists – best tools, best books, etc.

50. Feature guest posts from experts, readers, and others.  Regularly reach out and invite people who share valuable content to be featured on your site.

51. Do your own version of the “Dear Abby” style advice column.

52. Share relevant videos your readers will connect with.  (Idea by Julia Neiman)

53. Write about a scam.

54. Create a detailed case study of how you used a tool, idea, product/service, or advice/coaching to achieve a specific result.

55. Commit to a weekly theme post.

56. Write a series of posts. As each goes live, include a “subscribe to get the next post” link, and then after link them all together.

57. Write about a shortcut – and why it does or doesn’t work.

58. Be inspired by holidays.  Especially unique ones.

59. Attend a live event and blog about it.  Write lessons you learned from speakers, the attendees, the trip itself, etc.

60. Figure out what else your readers are passionate about – which fan clubs they’re “card carrying members” of – and tie it together with your topic.

61. Write a Frequently Asked Questions post where you address all the questions newbies have about your topic.

62. Write a dictionary post and define all those jargony words your industry uses.

63. Conspiracy theories…

64. Identify something your readers are doing wrong and give them the solution, but first tell them why it’s not their fault.

65. Explore top blogs in your niche to see what their popular posts are, and what topic has changed or what you could write about as an update or expansion.

66. Get inspiration from the best selling books in your niche.

67. Check out Digg or Reddit and write about a hot topic.

68. Respond to criticism publicly with a post (apologize if appropriate).

69. Create data by polling your readers on a topic then sharing the results.

70. Gather creative commons licensed images that your niche would love, and create a gallery post.  Start with these sites.

71. Use BuzzSumo and RuzzIt to discover the most shared content for your keywords and create a post of top 10.

72. Review your most popular posts, create a part 2 or a series for them.

Social Networking

One of the best sources of traffic, especially for a new blogger, is social media.  You can find your perfect audience already gathered together in one place and they’ve sorted themselves into groups by interest!

73. Add a link to your blog to your Facebook profile.

74. Share your posts with your friends.

75. Create a Facebook fan page, build your audience, share your posts there.

76. Share your posts in Facebook groups (where you readers hang out, and where allowed).  Bonus tip: Watch for “blog days” in groups where they encourage you to share your posts and share then.  (Idea by Linda Ursin)

77. Host a Facebook group of your own.

78. Add your blog link to your Twitter profile.

79. Update your Twitter status to share your latest blog post.

80. Use Twitter #hashtags when you share.

81. Participate in tweet chats your audience is interested in.

82. Add a link to your blog to your Instagram profile.

83. Share photos on Instgram that create curiosity about your blog posts.

84. Engage with people via DM on Instagram.

85. Add your blog link to your Pinterest profile.

86. Pin your blog posts to your own boards.

87. Pin your blog posts to group boards.

88. Create group boards and invite others to pin with you.

89. Include your blog link in your LinkedIn profile.

90. Share your lastest posts on LinkedIn.

91. Publish some of your content on LinkedIn blog.

92. Add a link to your blog from your YouTube channel.

93. Create a YouTube featured video promoting your blog.

94. Sneak preview your ideas on social media to create interest.

95. Publish a YouTube video with one tip from a blog post you’re about to publish – send viewers to your blog for the rest.

96. Use Hootsuite to schedule shares of your best content over time.

97. Reshare your blog posts though missinglettr and buffer for those who didn’t see it the first time. (Idea by Linda Ursin)

98. Build your networks intentionally.  Engage with your audience. Connect with influencers.  Bonus tip: Include a photo or image when you send a friend request – you’ll stand out.  (Idea by Helen Lingard)

99. Actively encourage your readers to share. Invite them to share in your post, with social sharing buttons, etc.

Social Bookmarking

Many sites exist for sharing and bookmarking cool content on the web.  Share your blog posts there.  Find ways to encourage others to share your blog posts there, too.

100. Share on StumbleUpon

101. Share on Reddit

102. Share on Delicious

103. Share on Scoop.it

104. Share on Newsvine

105. Share on Slashdot

106. Share on Digg

107. Post on Blokube

108. Post on Bizsugar

109. Post on BlogEngage

110. Research niche bookmarking sites that reach your crowd and test them out (here’s a list of the Top 30, plus 300 more)

News, Media, Syndication, Content Repurposing

Go beyond your own blog and social media, and get your content out there.  Get into the news and be relevant.  Syndicate.  Repurpose.  Go get in front your audience where they’re already at and get noticed!

111. Write a press release about your blog post and publish it on free press release sites.

112. Be the news.  Announce something.  Here’s 101+ possibilities.

113. Get your blog listed in Google news.

114. Repurpose some of your blog posts by publishing them at Ezine Articles.

115. Share your content at Self Growth.

116. Republish your blog posts on niche sites. Google to find these.

117. Get listed on Amazon as an author and setup your profile to feature your blog posts.  (Here’s mine.)

118. Compile your best 5 -25 posts into a PDF and publish it as an Amazon ebook.

119. Use HARO (Help a Reporter Out) and get quoted in the media.

120. Use HARO to source quotes for your blog posts (helps you make connections and those you quote may share your posts, too)

121. Turn a popular blog post into a SlideShare.  You can use Google presentations free.

122. Film a YouTube video sharing content from a popular post.

123. Share your video on UStream, Vimeo, TeacherTube, etc.

124. Convert your post to a PDF and add a link to your blog, then share it on document sharing sites like DocStoc and Scribd.

Build Links to Your Blog

Many of the ideas in this post will naturally build links back to your blog – commenting, guest posts, etc.  But here are a few more, because link building is important.

125. Find a great question on Yahoo! Answers and write a blog post to answer it, then link to it with a shorter answer on the Yahoo! site.

126. Search popular forums for questions you have answers to, and link to your blog.

127. Answer questions on Quora and link to your blog for more details.

128. Create a useful tutorial and publish somewhere like tutorialized.com.

129. Review niche products/books on Amazon and include a link to your blog in your review.

130. Use Canva to create an infographic (or hire someone on Fiverr).  Share it on your blog and invite others to download share it while linking back to you.  Be sure your URL is on the image itself, too.

131. Giveaway a free PDF that contains links back to your blog – no strings attached, no opt-in required – and let other bloggers know they can use it for their opt-in freebie as long as they don’t edit it.

132. Look for opportunities to give testimonials.  If the product/service/person uses your testimonial they may link back to you.

Blogger Networking

Networking with other bloggers is one of the fastest and most effective ways to get traffic, especially when you’re just staring out.  Make friends.  Using sharing networks.  Working together to share our valuable content helps everyone – you, other bloggers, and all our readers.

133. Make your blog comments DoFollow.

134. Get listed in DoFollow directories.

135. Participate in roundups and linkups.  Create them on your own blog, and submit your blog to them on other blogs.

136. Stick to an active plan for consistent blog commenting.

137. Write long, valuable comments on blog posts (stand out).

138. Create recommended lists of blogs and spotlight helpful blogs your readers will enjoy.

139. Find the most active forums in your niche and get to know the influential posters.

140. Make influential bloggers your friends.  Find ways to help/serve/deliver value to them.

141. Use JustRetweet to get tweets out about your posts.

142. Participate in the Social Buzz Club community.

143. Join Triberr and get active in tribes that fit you.

144. Share your posts with CoPromote.

145. Use Viral Content Bee to share your posts.

146. Create your own Tweet Circle (step by step video here).

147. Setup traffic exchanges and banner swaps with bloggers who share your audience.

148. Submit your blog to blog carnivals.

149. Setup a page outlining your policies and invite pitches for guest blog posts.

150. Sign up for MyBlogGuest and find sites to publish guest posts on.

151. Sign up for BloggerLinkup and find sites to publish guest posts on.

152. Join a blog challenge.  (Idea by Leanne Chesser.)

153. Sit down and write a list of your dream guest post opportunities.  Link to them, mention them, retweet them, promote them.  Find ways to interact with them.  Then pitch a guest post idea.

154. Brainstorm something valuable you’ve got (printed book, virtual workshop, consulting time, etc) and once a month allow another blogger who shares your audience to do a giveaway on their blog that features your item.  They get a free item to giveaway in a contest, you get all sorts of notice/new readers.

Building Your List

As your list grows, your traffic will grow exponentially.  You can send out an email each time you publish and see a flood of traffic from your loyal readers.  So make sure that you are consistently building your list.

155. Use PrintFriendly to create PDFs you can give away as opt-in freebies.

156. Test out a PopUp.

157. Try a slide in footer ad.

158. Use a Welcome Mat (from SumoMe).

159. Create opt-in pages and funnels with ClickFunnels or MLSP.

160. Add a subscribe option to your comments box.

161. Make your home page a landing page where people can opt-in.

162. Add a link to your opt-in page to your email signature line.

163. Present webinars/teleseminars/trainings regularly.

164. Be a guest on other people’s webinars/teleseminars/trainings regularly.

Create Your Own Mastermind

Take blogger networking to the next level.  Create your own mastermind with 5-8 colleagues who serve the same audience you do, and promote each other.

165. Create an automated Twitter sharing circle.

166. Share each other’s content on other social networks.

167. Write a review of each others blogs.

168. Email for each other (sharing valuable content with your list is always a good idea!).

169. Create group freebie giveaway – choose a theme and each write a few tips or a section.  Link to everyone’s sites in the PDF.

170. Design a contest or giveaway together and all promote it.

Unconventional Ideas

The final group of traffic ideas are less known and/or less implemented, but can be extremely effective if done well.  Zig when others zag, and you stand out.  Do what’s not being done.  Be different.

171. Try Outbrain or similar content discovery networks.

172. Update your Whatsapp status with a link each time you publish a new post.

173. Update your Skype status with a link each time you publish a new post.

174. Create a dueling post with two guests (or yourself and one guest) where you present opposite ideas or different points of view.

175. Work out a sponsorship deal with a podcaster or blogger.

176. Create a CafePress or Zazzle type store with your logo/url – wear your own t-shirt, put your own bumper sticker on your car, etc. (and of course, give your audience the chance to get the items, too).

177. Get interviewed.  BlogTalkRadio can be a fun place to find people who will interview you.

178. Create/break news.

179. Challenge the status quo.

180. Coin a term that’s unique to you.  Define it.  Own it.

181. Create a challenge for your readers that gets them specific results.

182. Create a useful tool or widget.

183. Host in-person workshops in your local area.

184. Always look for the next level.  Before you hit publish on any post, ask yourself – how can I “next level” this?  What one small change, edit, addition, idea would make it more usable, more effective, more interesting… always ask.

If you found this helpful, would you share it?

Your Turn!  What would you add to this list that’s worked for you?  Or, which idea will you try next?  Leave a comment and share. 

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  1. Wow, I’m impressed. What an amazing list. Thank you Michelle. I can’t wait to check out the tools and resources you listed here.

  2. GREAT ideas, bookmarked! Thanks!

    1. Thanks Chondra, glad you found it useful! :)
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  3. This article is like a big checklist of things I need to be doing to get more traffic. I’ve copied everything and pasted it into an Excel doc and now I can easily check something as soon as I’ve done it. Thanks, Michelle! This is very helpful!

    1. Hey Marry, great idea to put them into a spreadsheet you can track. Thanks for sharing that idea.
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  4. I knew a few of these things but I wasn’t aware of most of them so this is like a gold mine for me :)! I’m so excited to start using some of these tips and see what works for my site!

  5. This is a lot to take in! I will be sure to use most of it. I have a blog that is about 2 years old and has been steadily increasing traffic for the last year. I am getting decent numbers but I want to help boost the growth. Thanks for this list. It has to be one of the best one I have read thus far.

  6. Lots of ideas and tips! Great to get started!!

  7. Hey Michelle,

    Glad to read your informative post and I personally loved your 184 tips which you have shared for us. They really have dense benefit and have high impact on our business.

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  8. Hey, great tips! I haven’t tried most of these yet and added them to my list. Thanks!

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    1. Awesome to hear, thanks for commenting.

  10. Thanks for posting this. Great tips. Help me very much.

  11. I have book marked this one! Wow, such great information! I always found that when people are honest with themselves and their readers, allowing their true self to show through their work, it is often more appealing. Some professional blogger I spoke to a few years ago always said to be brave about what you do. Glad to see that on this list :)

  12. Wow! This is a great post! I found this with a Google search when I was looking for different ways of back-linking to my blog content. These are all outstanding ideas!

    I just went through these and implemented a handful of them and I’ve bookmarked your site for future reference.

    Outstanding content – Thank you!

    1. Thanks Wignal, glad to hear it was helpful for you.
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  13. Wow! This is a great post! I found this with a Google search when I was looking for different ways of back-linking to my blog content. These are all outstanding ideas!


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