5 Ways to Never Be a Boring Blogger

Boring Do you secretly worry that your blog might be boring?

(I do too, but don’t tell, okay?)

1.  Stop Worrying About It

Are you laughing with me here?  Seriously though, you’ve got to get over that concern and not allow it to stop you from blogging.

I hate to break it to you, but no matter how amazing a writer and person you are, SOME people will find your blog boring.

So what?

Others will LOVE you.

I get hate mail.

And I get love letters.

Okay, they might not actually be love letters, but they’re the opposite of the notes from the haters.

Point is… if you want an audience and you want to get noticed, you’ll get both sides of that coin.  Deep breaths and allow yourself to be okay with it.

2.  Amplify YOU

Once you accept that you’re not after the whole WORLD as readers, but just the right crowd who you’re here to speak to and serve, it all gets a little easier.

Turn up the volume on who YOU are and what you care about.  Be real.

Find what you’re really good and and get even better at that.

Pay attention to what aspects of your writing and your personality attract the right crowd and then dial those up.

3.  Notice What Grabs Your Attention

Learn to model.  Keep your radar for “non-boring” turned on.

What is it about the people you surround yourself with or the books you pick up off the bookshelf that attracts your attention?

What makes you look at a blog and say, “Wow, this is interesting!”

Pay attention and notice.  Then stop and consider how to apply those lessons to your own blog.

4.  Always Write for Your Readers

If I were writing for myself you’d see…

  • more free form poetry and fewer organized lists…
  • much longer posts with  more emotionally charged content…
  • lots of political rants and diatribes…
  • fewer images, less formatting and more string of consciousness writing…

But that’s what a journal (and my secret Tumblr) are for.

This blog is for YOU, my reader. 

And that means I need to…

  • always know what the value in a post is for you
  • focus on delivering the content in a way that’s easy to digest and scan
  • respect the fact that you’re busy and I need to get to the point
  • be sure my posts leave you with actionable information

Because every time I hit “publish” on a post I’ve got to know that it’ll be worth the time you took out of your day to stop by and read it.

5.  Variety is the Spice of Blogging

Alright, that’s a mangled quote.  But you get the idea.

Check out the infographic below and the different types of content and information well-balanced and non-boring blogs contain.


Who are your favorite non-boring bloggers?  What is it about their blogs that you enjoy?

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  1. Hi Michelle,

    Great article (found this on Triberr)! I agree with you 100% especially with the writing for your readers. Don’t do the mistake majority does (writing for Google and search) but instead, feed your readers with what they really want.

    This would help your blog and traffic to grow :)
    Reginald Chan recently posted… How To Develop A Winning Business Plan For Restaurant Owners?My Profile

  2. There is no doubt that majority of bloggers start their blog in the hope of earning some money. That’s why their core focus from day 1 is to earn money, and they do all things to earn money and hardly think about their audience or readers. This is their biggest mistake and they should initially think about their readers and convert them into regular visitors and loyalist. This is how they can slowly start earning too.
    Pankaj recently posted… Recharge Business SoftwareMy Profile

  3. Thanks Michelle, this is really helpful…especially the part about writing for your readers. Thanks for sharing!
    Valentino Crawford recently posted… 5 Thankful Thanksgiving QuotesMy Profile

  4. Hey Michelle

    Thank you for sharing your insights on how to become the kind of blogger that draws loyal readers consistently! You clearly practice what you preach – so glad to have stumbled upon your site #HUGSS

    Krithika Rangarajan recently posted… Furry Love is ForeverMy Profile

  5. This is really great for me. I have been thinking about exactly what you show us in your infographic and will be using it on my new website/blog. I don’t really understand why people would send hate mail to someone. There are so many blogs available, if someone does not like something, why not just move on? I do have one person that always has something negative to say about my articles. At first it upset me, but I have used it to my advantage by looking more closely at what I post before posting it, so that he must work harder to find fault with my articles.
    Chef William Chaney recently posted… Flaxseed A Gluten Free Nutritional PowerhouseMy Profile

  6. Michelle, I love this post! The graphic is such a fresh way of looking at blogging content. You got me thinking of a whole new strategy. Thanks!!

  7. Yes! I can vary my subjects. Most people in the business advice world tell you to stick to one. I’d love to see that Tumblr too :)
    Linda Ursin recently posted… Let’s Play Stump the Conjure Queen!My Profile

  8. Hey, great article, Michelle! I got this in my email and came right over! I love the food wheel idea with the days of the week. That’s a great way to plan. I’ve been thinking of doing something similar and this gives me a way to categorize. Thanks so much!
    Jeanne Melanson recently posted… How to Introduce a New Kitten to Your CatMy Profile

  9. Yes, you have said it all..
    I belief in everything there are people who will criticise you in whatever you are doing.
    Just remain focus, and you move forward.
    Segun Balogun recently posted… How to Check Your iPhone WarrantyMy Profile

  10. Thank you for sharing this!! More power to all our blogs!!

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