How to Reach More People with Content Marketing

Looking for more clients?  With great content you can draw them to you like a magnet!

Here are some statistics worth noting:

  • 90% of companies are doing some sort of content marketing (even if they aren’t aware of it)
  • 80% of American adults surveyed were aware of custom content (with about 25% listening to podcasts or watching webcasts–I thought that was pretty cool!)
  • 7 in 10 consumers would rather learn about a company through a collection of articles than through an ad (me too… teach me and I’ll be happy to listen to your pitch, don’t just scream “buy my stuff!” or I’ll totally tune out)
  • 75% realize the companies are selling but are okay with it because the info is valuable (well, yeah!)

Source: Custom Content Council study & The Rise of Content Marketing infographic from Social Mouths.

So are you developing custom content to get out there and work for your business?  Let’s look at what you can do beyond blogging (which rocks, of course, but hey it’s always awesome to have more options!).

Why Content Marketing is the New Branding - Infographic
Click here for the full-sized infographic.
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Your turn!

Which of these content marketing strategies have you tried? Which might you try in the future?

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  1. Amazing infographic. Thanks!

    1. Isn’t that cool? I love how it broke them down into what’s the most involved to implement and create.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… 3 Ways to Save Time & Keep Up with Your Favorite BlogsMy Profile

  2. Michelle, I totally agree, give me valuable content and you will catch my attention and hopefully keep it long enough to get me coming back for more. I prefer just audio in most cases as I tend to multi-task online and don’t watch half the videos or webinars I “watch” anyways.
    Mark A. Michael recently posted… Two Simple Words to End ALL Your Troubled Thoughts | XXXX – XX!My Profile

  3. I have used all of these formats at one time or another to reach out to my potential clients. One thing I’ve discovered is there is no single “best” method. Different methods work better for different niches and, generally, it is a mix of several targeted strategies that works best. Thanks for sharing! -Steve/wiz.

  4. What a great graphic Michelle. You continue to “rock it.”
    Julia Neiman recently posted… “Attitudes Are Contagious. Is Yours Worth Catching?”My Profile

  5. I love this. I have used blogs, videos, and social media. I love your infographic and how it is a roadmap for other areas to try. I may use this like a bingo board. If I get four in a row, do I get a prize? LOL
    Joanne recently posted… Renee Love’s Story of Dyslexia and an Effective Dyslexic Intervention ProgramMy Profile

  6. Michelle, I was surprised by your statistics. They were higher than I thought. I definitely need to use more of these formats. Outside of blogging, which one would you suggest that someone start with next?
    Adrienne Dupree recently posted… Backlinks – Who Is Linking to MeMy Profile

  7. This encouraging information Michelle, it means that more and more people will be encouraged to purchase online. Kaching!!!
    Wade Balsdon recently posted… What Would You Do For a FREE Amazon Gift Card Worth $25?My Profile

  8. Hello Michelle,
    I hope all is well with you and your family.
    The experts say that content is King … this infographic gives a plethora of ways to get your content before your tribe. The key is to use a few and master them before moving on to others.

    Overwhelm and shiny object syndrome will keep you stuck.
    Adalia John recently posted… Self Validation Empowers YouMy Profile

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