1. Hi Michelle

    I have read a lot of blog posts in my online career, but this has to go down as one of the very best. There are so many great ideas and so much valuable information.

    Please keep supplying me with this kind of value.

    I hope you’re having an awesome day

    Your friend across the pond

    David Verney
    David Verney recently posted… Ten Top Tips for List BuildingMy Profile

    1. Thanks David. I realized after I got started that might be too much info for one graphic. LOL
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Are You In Your Own Way?My Profile

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this, Michelle!!!! I love it!!!! I am printing it up and putting it up on my wall where my “office” is supposed to be in our room LOL The infograph is a great idea in itself!!! And you have this mapped out perfectly for those of us that really haven’t utilized Twitter as much as we should!! You rock, as usual!!!!! Adding Twitter Success Strategies to my “wish list” ;)
    Kimberly ~ Gypsy recently posted… What I’m ReadingMy Profile

    1. Did it print okay, Kimberly? I can post a PDF version that might print better. :)

      And I like that wish list. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… How to Write 42 Blog Posts in 1 DayMy Profile

      1. It printed up prefectly, Michelle — LOL of course after I ticked the “fit to paper” in my printer options! HAHA I have a new HP printer and I am still fumbling around with the settings! UGH But it printed fabulously! And, for now, I have it in my binder’s cover — it’s one of those cool Avery binders with the clear plastic pocket on the cover that I can put stuff in ;) Once the office is back into balance, it will be put on the wall ;)
        Kimberly ~ Gypsy recently posted… To Disclose or Not to DiscloseMy Profile

  3. I am the one you see on UBC fb page (Alessa). I am the half of our blog that handles facebook. Tammie handles Twitter and it is a mystery to me. I found this helpful in giving me an idea of what Twitter can do and she will find it informative too, I’m sure. Thanks.

    1. Hey Alessa, teamwork can be an awesome thing! :) Michele & I do that with UBC – I’m on Twitter much more, and she’s on LinkedIn much more so we each do promo in those spots. Glad this was helpful.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Make Blogging Easier With a Weekly FeatureMy Profile

  4. Hello Michelle,

    Priceless information! You should never apologize for your affiliate links … you tend your garden because you want to enjoy your results: fruits, flowers, veggies or whatever. Your garden is your audience and Michelle you give rich, practical content … one of your many rewards from the Universe is money. Money is just another tool, another resource for you to take care of you and your family and you so deserve it. It’s the law of reciprocity and you practice it well and I’m sure the visitors to your blog honor that.

    Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge. Continued success in all of your endeavors!
    Adalia recently posted… What IfMy Profile

    1. Thanks, Adalia. I’ve been including little notes here and there about my Twitter product since it just launched and is getting great feedback so far. :) You’re right – it’s just another tool and it’s okay to accept that.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… Be Motivated to Make a DifferenceMy Profile

  5. I think you did an awesome job creating your first info-graphic. I love the “share cool stuff” section. You commented that you wondered if it was too much info for one graphic. I don’t think so. You have it organized really well (so it’s not overwhelming) and having it together gives people an all-in-one resource.
    Leanne Chesser recently posted… A Life With Purpose?My Profile

    1. Thanks, Leanne — that’s helpful feedback. :)
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… The UPS Delivery Man’s Guide to Better BloggingMy Profile

  6. How do you do it? I mean how do you find the time??? LOL. I can barely get out two blog posts a week and I still have not done my tweet it page (which I keep thinking about every day). Anyways very cool infographic.
    Traci Lehman recently posted… A Mother-Daughter Hike: San Juan Loop TrailMy Profile

    1. Hey Traci, never quite enough time to get it all done, is there? :) The graphic I put together while my kiddos watched a movie. I love my MacBook — I can take it to the couch and work next to them while they play or whatever. That helps.
      Michelle Shaeffer recently posted… How to Rock it on Twitter (Infographic)My Profile

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  8. Very good infographic — does a great job of presenting lots of information quickly, in an easy to use format. This is going in the “Save” file. Thanks!

  9. You know, I’ve been wondering how so many people have all these cool Twitter backgrounds for their profiles. I had no clue how to make one for myself, and now you’ve provided me with some very good resources! I’ll be bookmarking these (along with some of the other helpful links).

    Anna recently posted… Get Paid For Solving Math Problems With SladerMy Profile

  10. A really great roundup of the KEYS to twitter success – another fab post Michelle – many thanks! You should be called the queen of easy speedy resources…in fact I might just have to declare you that myself!

    I love twitter, but am lately discovering more and more the joys of facebook!
    Tanya Smith recently posted… When Resistance Comes Up From Behind to Bite You!My Profile

  11. Very cool! What do you use to create infographics, Michelle?
    eosgrafx recently posted… The what, the how, and the where of social media buttonsMy Profile

    1. I made this one in Photoshop Elements.

  12. Michelle, you are the # 1 Twitter Hitter in my book, from showing us how to tweet, top tips, cool tools, and how to get all the twaffic! LOL.
    Rhonda Neely recently posted… A Hungry Man’s Guide to Using Food for Foreplay – The Celery Seduction!My Profile

  13. Love it, love it, love it…I’m gonna use this to share with people who say they “hate” or dislike twitter. Easy to follow, great tips, and cool design. You go girl!

    Kesha Brown recently posted… If You Had a Personal Theme Song, What Would It Be?My Profile

  14. Great! I love infographics and you’ve packed loads into this Michelle…

    Not much to add. I thought I was using almost the whole Gamut of Tweeting tools and strategies, I see there’s a few more I have to tinker about with and get to know…

    Thanks Michelle, Nice work – this one certainly screams out to be well shared!
    Jym recently posted… Traffic Generation Strategies Unified: Superstrings for BloggersMy Profile

  15. Nice, concise infographic, Michelle. I use SexyBookmarks as my blog Twitter link and notice it pauses and asks people to let it use their account for a list of activities. Wondered if this is a turn-off for users and if anyone has experienced indications of reluctance or a better sharing button?
    Astro Gremlin recently posted… Are You Running Out of Time?My Profile

    1. Hi Astro,
      I agree that being asked if you want to give your account info can be a turn-off.
      I am pretty happy with Simple Social Sharing at the end of each blog post and Slick Social Share Buttons floating on the left side.
      Delia recently posted… Top 3 issues when sharing information: Do you agree?My Profile

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