Prove to Your Community They Can Trust You

Are you showing your community (and potential clients) they can trust you?

And training them to take action when they read/listen to you?

Here’s a simple way to do it:

Everything you share – give a next step, give a call to action.

And don’t make it “Buy this!” every time…

Make it easy, simple and (especially important if your clients learn toward feminine energy!) safe:

– click like

– share with a friend

– answer this question

– share your thoughts

– join my facebook group

– leave a comment

– check out this blog post

– watch this video

– follow me on X

– subscribe to my podcast (or rate/review)

– grab this free pdf

– print this

– add this to your calendar

You can even combine this with future pacing and use CTAs like…

– imagine this…

– think what would happen if…

Point here is:

SHOW your community it’s safe to read/listen to your content and then TAKE A NEXT STEP.

TRAIN them to always take an ACTION of some sort with your content.

And make SURE those actions you’re inviting them to take produce a RESULT as often as possible.

The result might be a decision, a bigger or clearer dream, getting clarity, etc.

But associate YOU with ACTION and RESULTS – and do it in a way that teaches your community they can TRUST you to GUIDE them.

Get them into ACTION.

And then next time you send a CTA that invites them to join a program or say yes to working with you…

Guess what they’re conditioned to do because they already trust you and know how to listen when you suggest next steps…

Yep, they’re MUCH more likely to buy – AND to take action in your program to get a RESULT!

That’s it.

Hey, if these types of posts are helpful in thinking a bit differently about how you’re approaching things…

Would you hit like, share or comment below and let me know?

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  1. Hi Michelle, I really like your ideas. I always find the selling part of having a blog or business the hardest to get right. Most people are comfortable with promoting but actually asking customers to buy is so mush harder. You can destroy a new relationship so quickly. If you can provide information that helps your community, gives them a quick win, it does get followers over the trust issue. Thanks for your article.

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