Weekly Wrap Up

Here’s what’s happening this week on my blog and around the web:

New on my YouTube channel…

Where else I’ve been this week…

Sheila Atwood’s Masters of the Web Series: Chatting about my favorite blog posts of the year (and I was someone else’s favorite – too cool!)

WAHM Solutions Mom Interview Series: Find out what I wish I’d done sooner, what my challenges are, and some of my tips for women working from home.

CWAHM: This week I continued the series on meal planning with some free worksheets you can print out to plan your meals (and it’s a HUGE time and sanity saver–try it if you aren’t doing this yet).

WAHM Articles Blog Tour:  I participated in a blog tour a bit ago and here’s a link to all the participants and their posts about article marketing.

And, of course, I’m blogging with the Ultimate Blog Challenge and still giving away gifts at SmallBizChristmas.

Coming up…

Catch me on Tuesday with Kathy Santini in the What Successful People Know telesummit!

Finally, here on my blog…


Better Blog Action #1: Wibiya: The cool pink toolbar you see at the bottom of this page.  I could resist posting about it.

Weekend Inspiration: Overcome Failure


Duct Tape the English Teacher & Kill the Monkey: A post about silencing the voices in our heads that keep us from sharing, writing, and moving forward in general.

Breathe. Balance. Grow.: Setting my intentions and theme for this new year.

Better Blog Action #2: Review: A video review of my website and some changes I need to be making.  Does your site need any of these changes?


Want to Be Successful?: Guest post from Melanie Kissell of Solo Mompreneur about what it takes to be successful.

Is Your Blog Wearing Camo? Take it Off!: Do you want to be found or not?


50 Article/Blog Title Ideas for You: *popular* My hit of the week.  Just a bunch of ideas you can use to brainstorm your next article or blog post.

Java, Sneezing and a Better Blog: Some notes about changes around here to make things easier to find.


How to Find and Add Images to Your Blog: Resource list of places you can find images and some cautions of things to watch out for.

Better Blog #6: Going Mobile: Video demo of how to install a mobile plugin on your blog.


Marketing Lessons from a Theatre Style Popcorn Machine: What the kids Christmas present taught me about marketing.

Dreams of Living at the Library: Learning from CopyBlogger and other smart people.


In Tribute to Orwell’s 1984, I’m Watching You: Do you know the two search types that you should be monitoring for your website or blog?

How to See What Your Visitors Search For: Video demo of how to install Search Meter so you can see what your visitors are looking for.

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